Revelation - 2000




And He said: listen to words of Mine: if the prophet of the Lord goes to you, I am opened to him in vision, in I speak with him in my dream; (Num., 12, 6)


I was born in 1945 in a small town of Kotovsk of the Tambov Region. But the presence of two small children and difficulties with the foodstuffs in after-war years forced my parents to move to the Ryazan region, in a village, where the parents of my mother lived. My father was the joiner, he was on a war in the Great Patriotic war and was wounded two or three times. My mother was a peasant woman. She believed in God, that is why I was secretly from the father baptized in childhood. My first memories of childhood concern poor people and their half-hungry, but alive and vigorous children. The one, who did not starve, was already treated as rich.
Years went by. My father, about whom I keep wonderful memory for all my life, pulled us out of the village in Kotovsk, but the health undermined at the front did not sustain it and soon he died. My mother was left with three children of five, eleven and seventeen years old. The words "contempted and humiliated" concerned my childhood to the full. Now, looking back, I understand that only the Lord could make so that love and compassion to the people grew in my heart, to add to this my parents put their soul to it.
I studied well and read very much. I had good imagination, and the sufferings developed such sensitivity in me that I felt someone's sight pointed at me. During the school years and later in life I met with many many good people, so I did not ever lose the belief in people.
The state brought us so that, naturally, I was growing an atheist. It was very tough for the mother with us, and she frequently asked for help of the Lord before an icon. And this help was with us: we did not starve, we were not sick, we tried to study well. In a year I was about to graduate from the Technical School, and it was time to think about the future. Secretly from the mother I decided that I would enter Moscow University, and approximately a year before that I began to be getting prepared for this.
As I noted my poor and hungry childhood imposed an impression on my character: the same poor and hungry people were very close to me, wherefore I found kindness, concern and compassion in them more often. I have been loving and I still love these people with all their drawbacks and merits. It was stamped on my child memory for all my life, as my grandmother Anna always let the God's fool to spend the night at her home, when he passed through our village, washed him and laundered his belongings, fed him and put something with himself in his bag. The question on the attitude to the people frequently came to me in the head. And, once, when I was in such a state of reflection, in a quiet springtime, whence there came up a question from within: "And could you give life for people so that nobody would even learn about it? Without popularity and glory, silently and imperceptibly". The question was put firmly and uncompromisingly. I needed long enough to rake in my soul, while I, with some share of fluctuation, answered in the affirmative. I have remembered this question and my answer for all my life.
I was twenty years old (Biblical maturity) when I was passing my exams. I passed them successfully, I was admitted to the University and in September began my studies.
Once, on a sunny autumn day, I was standing at a stop of the public transport, waiting for a bus. A chain of trolley buses moving in my direction was seen far away. I was thinking of a sequence of their numbers (routes) and smiled when I saw that I guessed it right. Then, at once, I thought for a few times of more numbers and guessed them all the time. It alarmed me, something was irregular in all of it. Further I began to play this game constantly and, approximately, within two or three weeks I guessed all the time. Some time passed, and I suddenly lost this property. However, I came already into passion and began to try other conditions. And you can imagine how surprised I was when I discovered soon another combination, with a negation. For example, I said to myself: "It won't be a bus", and there came a bus. The similar results gave also other casual events, for example, throwing of a coin. Some time passed, and the "code", we will call that the sequence of my mental faiths changed again. I did not till then put before myself the question of my sanity but this was just the time, and I had to decide this question.

I observed and analyzed my acts and the reaction to them of my friends for about two months, and having put to myself the diagnosis "practically healthy" did not raise this question any more. I never told anybody about the ability of mine to influence events. As this ability concerned a wide class of events, I constantly felt myself as though on the alert, and had even more questions about this. Soon I began to find answers to these questions. I took for example some book, and when reading it I had close associations, there were some random circumstances around me that brought me to certain reflections, a casually thrown out phrase by someone and so on, and soon I had a definite picture. I once again should remind you that I was an atheist, I had good imagination, I loved to read science fiction, and thought that, if I counted myself mentally able bodied, than the first idea that should have got into my head would be that "aliens" communicated with me. But the "guided" system of associations excluded this idea. The conclusion to what I came consisted in the following: "It is a School". I was for some reason accepted to this school. I understood that the majority of people was tested at this School for an ability to study. And I understood, no, I rather felt it with my soul that the God, the Creator stood behind all of it, from that moment I knew about the existence of the Creator, though it did not make me a believing person. I told to myself: "Well, why should He care about me, dirty and miserable?" and I began to live further on as I had used to: a student party replaced another one, though the idea about Him never abandoned me.

Further my games with the reality became more and more complicated, the codes represented already whole sequences from "yes" and "no", that is they represented words of binary code, and, at last, this study began to demand so much time that gradually I lost any interest in it. Going a little bit forward, I will tell you what the School was finished with.
More than thirty years passed. Belief subitaneously came to me. It became a pleasure for me. I, at will of the Lord, began already to work on the "First Gospel". Once at night, I had a dream: "Thirty or forty men dressed in plain dark suits, stand in three ranks before the Trainer. I stand among them and I understand that this is what my School looks like. I felt that each of these people was a perfect person because there came a certain radiance of cleanliness, kindness and something else that is difficult to define from each of them, as from a warm subject.
The Trainer calls me out of the rank and addressing the rest of the men says that I leave them. Somewhere deeply inside I have an idea that I am simply expelled for laziness and absence of abilities, and a deep compunction and regret to lose these people seizes me. The rank scatters apart, they surround me and express silent regret to me about our parting. Soon the Trainer announces to them that now they are about to go listen to the music, and we are dismissed".
For several days I was in a state of repenting and regret from losing of closeness to such people, but then during the work I was covered with an increasing exaltation from Revelations given by the Lord in the Pentateuch of Moseses, and my oppressed state passed.

* * *
When I studied at the University, I had to constantly work for the living, sometimes I had to work at two jobs at a time, but one of these jobs was always a work as a night watchman. I always liked this work very much because it gave me plenty of time to reflect in silence about the loneliness, about the world and the life. At evenings at work, I frequently read something from science fiction. And once I was taken possession with a very strong desire to see extra terrestrial, reasonable life. This desire persisted for 5-7 days, and, once when I was on the watch, there came a vision to me:
I stand on an alien planet and I feel a presence of some reasonable creature behind me, but I can not turn and I can not see it, though I try to. The impression was such that he brought me there and he was showing me this world.
It is evening. Slight twilight. Everything is full of silence and peace. A setting star, not much different from the Sun as to its light painted the sky and clouds on it in bright colors as on the Earth. The color scale of the sky very much reminds the terrestrial one. There is a plain space laying directly in front of me, on which not so frequently grow "trees" reminding the terrestrial palms. The soil of red-brown color, very plain and clean, as though it was swept, completely bare without any attributes of grass. In the distance, behind the trees you can see huge pencil-pointed mount, all glittering. As to its form, it reminds me a thousand time enlarged terrestrial termitary. There is an impression that it is all covered with caves, in each of that there burns electrical (very similar) light. My "guide" lets me know that this settlement corresponds to our concept of a "city". In this case, the city is a one huge house. The eye does not find any geometrical order in these glitters similar to our floors. I would like very much to come nearer to the city, I make an effort, but they would not gently let me in. Mentally, at the level of an interrogative emotion, they put a question of my impressions. I answer that everything is very beautiful, though at the same time in my soul I say to myself that we on Earth have places even more beautiful.

More than thirty years have passed, but even now I perfectly remember all the details and colors of this vision. I will keep calling further these dreams as visions that are as though introduced into your memory so deep that even decades do not rule over them.

* * *

I graduated from the Physical faculty of the Moscow State University and worked further as a scientific employee in the institute of the Academy of Sciences. I have about thirty works and inventions published in co-authorship with other scientists. It so to say, an official side of my business. However, I was spending basic efforts of intuition and reason searching for general, philosophical, I would say, laws in the field of physics of space and time. These decades of development of intuition were not spent for waste, and later they became a tool of acceptance of the True that was given by the Lord to the people.
The spiritual seed, which was found in me when I was twenty years, dozed for a long time, but gradually it began to show more and more actively.
At the end of March 1988 in night vision some voice said loudly and clearly: "Death will come when you turn forty nine years of age!" These words were, as though beat into in my consciousness. In the morning, I at once began to look to whom they concerned. There were two candidates: me and my brother. My brother felt himself all right, and he still had a month before he would turn fifty. That is why I excluded him and accepted the words to my own account, but, as it appeared, my guess was wrong. Naturally, I reconsidered the former life and saw a lot of empty and insignificant things there. I had six years ahead, and I decided to live them in an organized and purposeful way. Now, backdating, I perceive that the signal was given to me so that I would think better about my life, but it appeared that "to wake" me not a fear for my own life needed, but, as taught by the Lord, a fear for the destiny of other people whom I loved, and the compassion to whom I had.
Now, estimating my spiritual state, I see that I have been a pagan, as an atheist is as good as a pagan. Gradually new information begins more and more often to arrive into my consciousness. This process goes in a way of dreams and visions. Between them, as I already told you above there is a principled difference: the dreams are kept in memory for some days, and the vision is kept for years and decades that, apparently, grows out of spiritual interaction of human consciousness with maximum spiritual levels. The spirit world, as well as the material one, represents a system of levels. This system of levels may take a certain range, or be discrete. When a person breaks off with paganism, he gets into a spiritual range with a discrete system of levels. Such image of spiritual ascent "up the stairs" was given to Patriarch James in the Genesis.
The first information, which began to come to me in my dreams, as I understand have understood for now now, concerned interaction with the spiritual levels of the pagan plan. It was the most complex, in the sense of figurative presentation, information on interaction of levels, most complex, three or more dimensional scheme of regeneration of souls (Wheel of Sansar) etc. Unfortunately, all of these concepts concerned the beginning of the stage of spiritual self-checking, and that is why all of these multiple schemes were very difficult to apprehend, remember and reflect in pictures. I should note that the figure, mark, symbol are very often met in visions, that is why a special training is necessary for their remembering.
Now I can tell that many eastern spiritual schools (Buddhism, Lamaism etc.) are inverse to mono theistical religions as to their paths. The path of Judaism, Christianity, Moslem Faith and the doctrine about the Return consist in formation and strengthening of spiritual level of collective consciousness for building effective positive feedback with the purpose of effect, in turn, on the spiritual state of the man. Thus the determining role is vested in the spiritual connection of the man not with collective consciousness, but with the God, and it is this connection that forms in a great deal the spiritual level of collective consciousness, as it is determined by the influence of each man, influence of the God and the proper individual's (collective consciousness) spiritual contribution. East spiritual practices are directed at weakening of connections of a person with a person that is at weakening of the collective consciousness and the destruction of the connection of the person with the collective consciousness. Actually, though there is no concept of the collective consciousness, it is considered as a source of crucifixions, and the purpose is the cessation of spiritual movement right at the beginning of the Path.

* * *

Time passed. The Soviet Union was beginning to break up, and here and there, blood was shed in the former uniform country. A gang of predators attacked Russia, and a partition of property began. People were naturally left without anything. They began to die out physically and spiritually. All of the information machine, both Russian and foreign is thrown to spiritually decay my people, and, first of all, young generation. I felt, that all dark forces were thrown to corrode that bright things that remained in people and to make them enemies one to another. The process of development of the spiritual seed, which was in my soul forced me to refer more and more attentively to the direction of my spiritual movement. And, at that time all the hopes for people abandoned me, and I addressed to Jesus Christ, as to the God: "Oh, My God, God of my ancestors wake human hearts and direct them on the path of Truth, and, if my life is necessary for this purpose take it!" I repeated these words many times before an icon of the Savior, Jesus Christ, but the One responded to my prayer to Whom the Name of the Lord belonged initially. It was He who brought me through Christianity and it was due to Him that the image of the God was separated from the image of Jesus Christ, whose majesty appeared to me completely from an unknown side.

…. 99

In my vision the Lord (not Jesus Christ) offered me several roads, among them there were pagan ones as well, but I confirmed my choice to go by the path shown by the Lord.

One of the powers invincibly attracting me to the Lord is embodied in the words of the Genesis: "And the Lord said: will I hide it from Abraham [the slave of mine] what I want to do!" wherefore these words mean that the Lord is ready to share the care about everything happening on Earth with the man, the care about the Creation in general. Thus the highest ethics show as well in that the Lord never hides from the man all the paths and opportunities, both good and bad. It was in the ancient times and it would always remain that way.

…. 99

Often I see University in my dreams. I am going near it, hungry and barefoot, and it sparkles with lights. I wander by dirty and ragged, and besides there are its walls where I have been studying some time ago. And so on in different variants.
I understand that they demand of me that I would begin studies. I am already well aged, and I have been studying half of my life anyway.
My dead brother whom I loved very much came to me in my dream. And he began to fry potatoes, our favorite dish, on two large frying pans. And we sat and when we ate a part of potatoes from a frying pan, he took it away and put another one on the table, and we continued to eat from it.
Reflecting over this dream, I came to a conclusion that the two frying pans were science and religion. And I am offered to leave my scientific studies and to devote the rest of the life to spiritual pursuit. For some time, I reflect over what I should study, and I come to a conclusion that this requirement concerns the Sacred Scriptures. Not so long time ago I purchased the Bible and read it, as some read ancient myths and legends. I had some questions on various biblical situations and not more than that, but the pressing demand to study continued to persist. Then I made a conclusion for myself that I should have approached the Sacred Scriptures, not as a scientist, an explorer, but a believing person, studying new, unknown document to nobody until then. My ideas about religions were superficial and mostly incorrect.
As Christianity was the closest to me, and I lived in the Christian medium, I began from the Gospels. Their careful spiritual studying, as well as various interpretations on them did not bring any satisfaction, though the greatest spiritual heroic deed of Jesus Christ shocked me. I assumed that as the Lord moved me to the study of the Scriptures, the new notion of the God, the world and the man was contained there. However, the majority of parables and allegorical pictures of the gospels remained closed for me, and their interpretation by theologists did not satisfy me at all. Then I began from the beginning - from the Pentateuch of Moses (Torah). Gradually the literal side of the Scriptures started receding into the background somehow, and biblical individuals and episodes demanding deeper thinking of began to show themselves. To develop grain after grain the truth contained in the Scripture I had to come back to many of them tens of times and start from the beginning. It would be completely wrong to say that it was me who extracted from the Scripture the truth hidden there. I would say it like this: I trained my soul and mind so that under the direction of the Teacher, the Lord, I could realize the truth given from the Scripture. It demanded a lot of efforts, and frequently when I could not comprehend this or that position I addressed the Lord, and He helped me. The Lord helps those going to Him, therefore, the one who searches, he finds.

…... 99

From the beginning of the study of the Scriptures the nature of my dreams changed: I had often dreams of water open spaces, but not sea ones. The large inundations, water flows, spread rivers that I cross or I plod a kindred deep in water. Sometimes I was admiring wide water open spaces from the coast. The time corresponds to spring or summer time, warm or cool water.

The Lord realizes His Craft through all elements and all natural phenomena. However, the primary showing of Divine forces for spiritual states belonging to the Sacred Tabernacle of the Congregation that will be realized in Christianity and Moslem faith is the water element. It was water that cleared the Earth of sins of the antediluvian mankind that lost the spiritual state, to which, at will of the Lord, the path to Christianity and Moslem faith was further open. The path on water figuratively represents the spiritual path, and water is the source of life and spiritual truth.

Learning of the Lord is at the same time learning of the World, as a spiritual and material unity. This knowledge is almost completely absent with mankind. The natural sciences study the material world from items of "dead" substance, and the religious ideas that are in the basis a projection of the Truth to imperfect ideas about the world of the ancient person, contain figurative pictures that are difficult enough for interpreting. Though the Sacred Scriptures are the most extensive source, from which it is possible to receive through an analysis a far not complete picture of the World, but it especially effectively forms ideas in unity with spiritual and mystical inspirations on the path to the Creator. For all mankind it would be a great gift of the Lord to receive the projection of Spiritual Truth to modern ideas about the world.

...…. 99

Someone from the Highest presented me a bulbus, the ones flowers have telling that it was with a "guard". I brought it to some Woman, who supervises their cultivation, and I asked her to bring it up. She said that She had never grown one of these. When I began to ask Her, She said that She would try, and took the bulbus.

We may assume that the bulbus is the future destiny of the Earthly embodiment, which is now being implemented. Then it becomes clear that the Lord repeatedly rescued my sinful life and my reason, and I was deaf and blind. Now, looking at my life in a new way, I see many of its events in a completely different way.

When I studied in the technical school, we were sent in September, as it was usual then, to help the village, to reap the corn. The local youth, and it was on the eve of the next recruitment to the army, and not only youth treated us unfriendly, and this hostility showed soon in small-sized fights, and then it resulted in attacking us. It took place, when it had already become dark. The first who was strongly beaten was our young teacher, and in about an hour and a half the attack was repeated. Some tens of men participated in it. Because of the second attack, one of our students was killed, and I was slightly wounded. As the prosecution determined later, his death and my wounding were divided by several seconds in time and some meters in distance. Our surnames were very similar.

It happened so that in the spring of 1978 I was unemployed and looking for it did not bring any results. Certainly, I was looking not for a job in general but a job of a physicist in an institute. The misfortune with the daughter who took a lot of my time, absence of a job, all this influenced my mood. However, then I felt that my psychics are exposed to a greater and greater pressure. I already learned a long time ago to analyze my acts, I had stable psychics, but I could do nothing then. I felt that the source of this effect was outside of me, I even assumed who could be the "executor", but non of my auto-training and auto hyonosises brought any results. Moreover, when this strain was so strong that I was already to be afraid for the consciousness, I had a dream:
I sit at some concert. Between the shows the conference man asks spectators questions, and the one who gives incorrect answers, had to perform some show: to read, dance or sing something. When I gave an incorrect answer to a question, I was called to the stage and asked what I was to do. I answered: to sing and I took a guitar. I should note that I can not play a guitar and I do not write poems too.

I observe from two points of view what happens after that, my consciousness as though splits: first of all, I, as a spectator look at myself from beyond and, second of all, I write poems, I put them on music and I after that I sing them at once. I as a spectator know that I am not capable of all this, but I see that it plunges me from laughter almost into a hysterical state. I, a singer, perform a wonderful witty song, of which all the spectators are delighted and ask for more. I perform more and more, and the spectators rise in applause. All this time me, a spectator can not help laughing. The conference man can hardly return the concert as it used to be, promising the spectators that I will be invited to the concert in the future.
I at once wake up in a perfect mood. As though I did not feel strain before that. It is night behind the window, but I can not sleep any more, I am vigorous and I am in a perfect mood.

…. 99

I fly through the universe. I do not have a body, but I feel myself in a perfect way, and the flight gives me pleasure. The flight has a purpose, which I, a man, do not know. From somewhere, I know that the light carries me. The light wave represents a set of two waves, and I, somehow having clung to them, rush forward. On the sides, one may see light stains or points of stars.

I assume that the visions of such kind are based on spiritual contact, a connection of my today's "me" with the past or future posthumous spiritual state.

…. 99

I am an expert of Space Service and large authorities are vested in me. I arrived on this planet to decide the destiny of the expedition that is currently here. All the history of this expedition is full of secrets and riddles. But let us go step by step.

One of space expeditions directed to a distant region of space, suddenly found in a well investigated range of space near a studied star a planet, which was not there. The very first astronomical views from the ship brought a sensation: the planet appeared to be of terrestrial type with an oxygen atmosphere. Naturally, the task of the expedition was at once changed and it was sent to that star system. The star as to all of its parameters did not differ practically from the Sun, and planet did not differ from the Earth. It was already at the orbit that the riddles began: the planet had an oxygen atmosphere of terrestrial type, but it was completely deprived of any life. Bare mountains, hills and plains covered it, but no traces of erosion were visible. It was as though it was just then born. There were no seas, lakes and rivers, though there was humidity in the atmosphere.

Three research groups landed on the planet in different points noted unanimously that a sense of silent pleasure and rest accompanied them at all time. One of the groups soon found in an immediate proximity to the camp a newly born spring with perfect pure water. Soon the birth of springs was noted also by other groups. The spring, fast increasing in dimensions, soon gave rise to a brook, but it was also growing increasing in dimensions.

When the concentration of riddles reached a critical state, I was sent to them with all the authorities from the Earth. By the time of my arrival the brook turned into a small rivulet, on the coast of it there began to grow a grass similar to the terrestrial sedge. However, the following appeared to be the most unusual: strange "clay" spheres began to form and to grow on the coast of a brook consisting of gray soil, reminding our clay. Together with growing, they began to react to people coming nearer, and when I arrived, they were already rolling after the people. Each sphere "chose" for itself a person, man or woman, and tried to be with him or her all the time. As all of the explorers noted, my arrival notably accelerated all of the processes that were happening. Neither the equipment detected, nor the people felt anything harmful or hostile. On the contrary, everybody marked perfect physical state of health and high spiritual rise.

I stood on a coast of a small river, looking at the streaming water, regretfully marking that grass was missing on the coast. The "sun" grilled notably, and I thought that it would be good then to eat a piece of a juicy watermelon. In the morning I woke up before everyone and went to the river to wash myself. My sphere was slowly rolling behind me. I threw a sight forward and stood still: all of the coast of the river was coated with mild, silk-like grass, and on that place where I looked yesterday there laid in grass a large green, striped water-melon. Further the news fell down as from horn of plenty: not far from the camp, a wood had grown during a night; one of the groups noted that the spheres changed the form turning into something reminding a torso of a man with two lower extremities.

While nobody understood anything, I announced an emergency evacuation. By the evening the property was sent to the ship, the other two groups joined us and talked me into remaining there till the next morning. It was night. We sat by the fire, which we had spread out with all the precautions on a sheet of a not combustible material and discussed all we had seen there. Far away blown by a light wind there rustled a night forest, behind a space border lit by fire there were yet shapeless but already "alive" our clay copies. I felt such unity with this planet, behind which there was further felt such unimaginably mighty but kind Reason that for an instant I was taken possession of the strongest desire to call my dead brother whom I loved very much. I knew absolutely precisely that if I called he would come and sit by our fire, but I coped with my desire.
I stepped into the shade so that nobody would see my tears, because the mankind is not yet ready for such great gift, and I take the responsibility to myself to thank and refuse it.
The mankind was shown Eden, where each person could be a god. Even the thought possessed a creative power. I felt deep grief. For thousands years we were shown a spiritual instead of animal path of development, but we plodded our own road, and, the God gives us a gift that we can not take. Tomorrow we shall leave Eden, but Eden will disappear as well from this star system, from this star, as it was not there before. There will be only our memory, but it will help us begin a new life and that is never late to do!

This picture opens prospects of the spiritual development of mankind, if it goes by this path. The path of formation of the person-creator in the highest sense of this word is open to the man. The Lord is ready to give a divine gift to people but the people are not ready for this.

On the other hand, it is this test. All of the spiritual nature of the man shows in the attitude to such "gifts", because the main principle here becomes "Do Not Do Harm!" Having met with the sacred, do not dishallow and guard it from dishallowing by others.

Nevertheless, the most probable assumption is that we were presented the world that the Lord prepared for those who can be raised to a spiritual level having existed up to the death of Abel. These people should not only be very highly raised to a spiritual path, but what is much more difficult, get rid in themselves of envy and jealousy, ambition and vanity, that is all those features that accompany the creative gift so often.


The first remembrance of the temple concerns the far away years of childhood. I was about five years when my mother decided to take me to the church. As the majority of village temples in our area was destroyed, it was necessary to go to other village, about ten kilometers far away. The light of icon settings, radiance and odor of candles and beautiful pictures of paintings were forever kept in my memory. Then decades of atheism followed and when I turned twenty, I was given the knowledge of the existence of the Creator.

Already after I turned fifty years, I went several times to temples, including the temple of Michael Archangel that was near my house. It arose strange feelings in me that were similar to a mixture of fear and vigilance. On business from my work, I frequently went near the Don Monastery, but I never went inside, and once I went into it. Before that, I was in the Kremlin Cathedrals as well, but the Large Cathedral of the Don Monastery shocked me. It shocked my soul not by architecture, paintings and icons, and, as I feel now, by the spirit of pristine Christianity saved from the times of the ancient Russia. This spirit united the Temple, priests and monks. During the second coming here I could not but prey.

Each Christian temple is deeply individual. As there are no two identical people in the world, so there are also no two identical temples. The spiritual state of a temple is collected by centuries, it absorbs everything, both good and bad. A place where it is arranged, closeness of the cemetery, what people were buried there and so on make an influence on its state. The Christian tradition to arrange burial-places near to a temple is deeply wrong. However, the spiritual state of its flock is determining in the state of a temple, therefore temples at man's monasteries differ with the special strict cleanliness and spirituality. In turn, the state of a temple shows in the priests and monks in their attitude to people, in a subtlety of soul and breadth of intellect. In a temple, first of all, it is possible to see the showing of the precept of the Christ about love to each other.

I loved to go on a prayer service in two monasteries. After driving for fifteen minutes on a direct road, I had to turn either to the left to a temple, or to the right to the other temple. On the right, I went to the temples of the Don Monastery. Since a certain time, I felt at first in my dreams a disapproval of my trips to another temple, then, a man in black asked me for several times more and more persistently not to go there. I somehow did not have enough spirit to stop trips there, though I even in casual events felt this call around me. During my last arrival the militiaman from the guard passed me very reluctantly, as though letting me know that I should not had gone there, though the passage on the territory of the monastery was always free. The next night I had a vision:


In the morning, I went to a liturgy by car. In addition, when I turned to the left, I saw three men in dark costumes standing on the road having blocked and I could not go round them. I stopped, went out of the car and came to them to ask why would do not they let me pass through. The one of them who stood in the middle went towards me and firmly with the purpose to warn me about the danger told: "Do not go there, or you will die!" Silently, without even thanking him, I sat down into the car and left. I never went there any more.

Being in the temple, I always felt two forces having an effect on me: one of them was accepting me and assisting me, and the second one was rejecting me and causing me harm. The second force was basically presented by roman catholic saints, though I felt help and support from many of them. I felt that in the spirit world there was a struggle for the one, who will represent truth from the Lord at the following stage. This struggle was "competitive", the candidates were from different sides, and it was and it remains rather rigid. However, except for this "front" there is always a struggle for the line of development of mankind, and in general against the Creation. In this vision, in my opinion, there showed for the first time what was above named as "with guard".

…. 00

I am in space. There is a dark area of space. One can not see neither asters, nor stars but there is no darkness. Some gloomy "light" without shades and sources gloomily lights a lattice of huge "bee" honeycombs. I am hanging in space above this lattice, then I move to a honeycomb to glance in it. When I was approaching, I was more and more amazed with the huge dimensions of this honeycomb. It represented a hexahedral prism occupying a large area of cosmic space and going downwards; I did not see the bottom of it. Each lateral side of the prism, in turn, consisted of a big quantity of the same hexahedral honeycombs, in each of that a luminous bare skull was seen. When I came nearer to the center of the prism and tried to go down in it, I felt the strongest wave of horror going from there. All my senses were intense, and suddenly I noticed that these luminous skulls represent something alive, they see me, watch me with their empty orbits that they experience it and, in turn, they are the sources of this horror. With the descent, the power of horror accrued, and soon I lost my patience and hoicked. This is what Hell is, I thought.

The vision represents a "penitentiary" system of punishment. The crucifying of sinners carries a spiritual nature.

Let us compare it to the second vision of the Ethiopian book of Enoch: "And I saw one of those four who went out before he had seized a star falling from the sky before all the rest of them, tied its hands and legs, and put it into an abyss; that abyss was narrow and deep, awful and gloomy". Those times are allegorically described here, when the God's sons came to Earth before the deluge, mixed up with the people and transferred to them the knowledge that the people started to use for the evil.

From here follows that people should acquire spiritual truths and the knowledge on their own, with their work, because this process gradually developing changes not only the life of people, but their souls too. The spiritual development should necessarily exceed the opportunities of people on changing the nature surrounding them, and themselves.


On all the plain territory of the Earth the troops landed simultaneously: strictly the same distance one from another (3-4 meters) "aliens" the most part of whom were humanoids appeared on Earth, but among them I see occasionally non-humanoids too. However, a feature is common for all of them: all of them are standing vertically and have two extremities each for moving. Among them, I see such that were in figures of Egyptian pyramids: people with bird's heads or heads of animals. This landing is thrown out on Earth to conduct an instant evacuation of the population, because some catastrophe is threatening it.

I saw true appearance of aliens from the spirit world, the world where the spiritual measure, but not the appearance is fixed.
The gospel is recollected, in which it is said about the suddenness of the approaching of the Judgement Day, when of the two working in the field one would be taken, and the other would be abandoned.


An inauguration of recently elected president was appointed for the next day. Some melancholy came over me, though there were no special reasons for this. And I fell asleep in that state. There came a vision to me in my dream:

There is standing a woman with an icon before me. She blesses me. However, I can not clearly see the face of the woman, because she stands at the background of some kind of wall with a doorway, from which the dazzling golden light is pouring through. I can not see what is drawn on the icon too, I remember only a silver icon setting with a light-blue enamel.

The icon and the blessing to it are the attributes of the usual Christianity. The blessing is being asked or given usually before important deeds that lay ahead of a man, or a distant road. I do not know what this woman saw and for what path she blessed me. However, I hope that the Lord opened my path to her, and she knew about it, as behind her back there was an open door to the Light, the following stage on the path to the Lord.
This vision means that the man, dying, carries away with himself all his errors and delusions. The world constructed by the Christians reflects their beliefs. Thus, as far as they advanced the Lord being alive people, they remained at the same level from Him posthumously. Only the new truth brought from the world of the alive is capable to raise them to a new level.
This "dazzling golden light" will be poured through clouds during the Theophany - the light of Glory of Lord's on December 22, 2000.


This day, in the morning, I stand on a prayer in a small temple of the Don Monastery. A good priest administers it: his spiritual state is soon spread by those present, and his sincere words open this spiritual state. In his sermon, he says also that mass media and, first of all, TV strives to destroy all that spiritual that remained in people, to kill its soul. I completely agree with him. It seems, it is already a third sermon in my presence, where he speaks about it.
This day, in the morning, there was a fire on Ostankino TV Tower. After that, the priest was for long badly sick. I do not know if he has understood anything.


Deserted, gray and fruitless land, and there is the same gray gloomy sky above it. A gray sheet closes it, and there are no features of the existence of stars in it. A lot of people are going down there on the ground, but this it not a disorderly crowd, but a formation in the form of a cotter. Our spiritual Leader heads this formation. He is dressed in white and walks alone twenty meters ahead of me. We believe him that He knows the path, we respect and we love him. We, all the others, are dressed in black. I am heading this black cotter, there is a bodyguard to the left and to the right of me. Further this cotter is becoming wider, and a strong formation is going behind us. It is formed only of men not older than middle-aged. Suddenly the figure of our Leader disappears from the range of vision, me with my guards we rush forward and I see that He has got into a trap: a deep disguised on top well was dug out on his path. We go down into the well and we see that its walls are made of fresh clean boards, we reach the bottom and we see that the Leader is laying there at the bottom of the well. He is dead. There is almost no water in the well, only a small plash. A deep grief from this loss overwhelms us, and I understand now that I need to lead the people. Already having woken up, I realized more and more clearly, what great loss the mankind has suffered. The Jews, Christians and Muslims will continue to live and prey the same way, but the One who should have come to them will not come any more. And the world will not know, Whom it has lost. This grief persistently pressed on me for a long time.

Above, in….99 it was said that I was presented a "bulbus" "with a guard". In this vision, a realization of this gift in action is also shown. The people going in the form of a cotter represent a spiritual army of the Church of the Return, as a last side of a uniform tetrahedral pyramid. The other three sides are Judaism, Christianity and Moslem Faith. Even the text of the Koran is already constructed in the way of a side of a pyramid.

"Fruitless land" and "gray, gloomy sky" give the evidence that the spiritual level presented here is placed not higher than Judaism. This spiritual level represents a state of modern mankind before the appearance of the new Truth from the Lord. We may identify the leader, the man in "white" with Jesus Christ, because only he cleared the spiritual level of the antediluvian mankind and raised the collective consciousness to it. He leads us, pagans, stays at our spiritual level, that is why there is "gray, gloomy sky" around, but he himself does not belong to our level, that is why he is in "white".
The well means the source of water that is of spiritual truth but this well is without water that is there is no source of spiritual truth at this place. The fact that this well "without water" is made recently, means that the vision refers to our time that before the granting of new truth by the Lord, the search of it was effected with all forces and in all directions.

Much later I have found it with Jeremiah: "Breathing of our life, the anointed of the Lord is caught in their pits, the one of whom we spoke: "under the shade of him we shall live among the peoples". (Lam., 4, 20) That is the Lord's anointed, who brought the new Truth to the people and opened a path to them with his victim, at will of the Lord, at a new spiritual level, is proclaimed by the god, but any departure from the truth results only in descent.
I received the answer to the question of who had dug the well much later. It took place 20.01.04.
The two millenium spiritual history of Christianity saw its rises and falls. But the modern state of Christian church can not be called otherwise but a descent. Jesus Christ brought the new spiritual truth to the world that battled on two fronts: with Judaism and paganism. The struggle of early Christian church with Judaism, the backwashes of which wander in the world till now, demanded concessions on the second, pagan front, and each of these concessions was a deviation from the Truth. The influence of collective consciousness of animal world showed in adoration to the images of animals, the human collective consciousness showed in deification of people and their adoration. It sharply eases the connection of the man with the Creator, and, hence, sharply worsens the spiritual state of collective consciousness.
(Zach., 9,11)

22.12.00 Day.

THEOPHANY. After 12 p.m., at twelve and something I went by car from work to bank located at Leninsky prospect and after the U-turn almost at once I got into a traffic. I passed to a bypath and could hardly make it to the bank. Ahead of me all of the Leninsky prospect was stuffed with cars, though usually at this time the movement is completely free. I left the car, mechanically looked forward and my sight "was hooked" over something in the sky. I looked more closely and I was thrilled. I was seized with the excitation wave from the comprehension of the majesty of the picture presented to me: in the sky covered with clouds two suns were burning. One of them, the natural one burned on the left and 35-40 degrees more to the right another Star shined. Amidst the clouds, there was a light Source equal as to the dimensions and luminance to the solar one. Its bright light was half covered with a cloud, which stood still, vs the others blown by the wind, which moved fast, from time to time partially closing the Source. This Source was on the background of an extensive rich gold luminescence that no clouds could close as it was as though streamlining through them. This gold luminescence was so unusual, unreal that there was an impression of its materiality as though it represented gold gas or fluid. I realized this Phenomenon as a sign about which I did not dare to ask the Lord. I was full of delight, tears streamed down my face, and I was thanking the Lord, the Mighty and the One. It is only in two months, when I had difficult times I was destined to learn that it the Lord's Glory shining. Thousands of people looked at this Phenomenon and did not see it. It arose at about 12 o'clock gradually becoming more vivid, and by 15 hours, approximately during half an hour, gradually fainting, dissolved.

In more than two and a half thousand years, in the day of winter solstice, the Lord's Glory has again shone above the ground, proclaiming mankind about the granting of the new Truth by the Lord. Despite of all our retreats from the Lord, He, on his mercy continues to open the path of Return to people. The Lord extends the path of Deeds and Beliefs to the path of Knowledge.

Thus, the Lord accomplishes the choice of the messenger of truth, and the Lord gives evidence of the new granting of truth to mankind by showing His Glory. It is interesting to note that when Jesus was crucified that meant that the declaring of the new truth stopped, than "from the sixth hour till ninth hour there was a darkness on all the Earth". When the Lord bestows the new truth to people, the Glory of the Lord shines above the Earth from twelve o'clock till three o'clock. All the movement in this direction was for some reason stopped, but the people stood and did not see that the spiritual blindness has for a long time struck the human kind, and the articles of belief, as prison walls enchained the souls of believers.


Leaden and gray gloomy sky, desolate gray fruitless, hilly land. Far away, on the background of the gray sky the cross with a figure of the man hanging on it is seen. Between the hills there serpents a line of gray figures. I stand in this line, and it slowly comes nearer to the cross. Suddenly this cross appears before me, and I say with awesomeness: "My God, have a rest, here I am!" At the same instant a huge force lifts me and throws on a cross, and the nails pierce my hands and legs. My chest emits an inhuman wail, I lose consciousness from a monstrous pain.

When I wake up in the morning, I feel myself as though I was just taken from the cross, I could hardly move an arm or leg, and the heartache was intolerable. The state of mine slowly passes within one or two weeks.

The spiritual ascension of the man and people in the Pentateuch of Moses is presented in the Tabernacle of the Congregation. Only an anointed priest in a special canonicals and state of ceremonial cleanliness could enter into the Sacred Tabernacles of the Congregation in Judaism, that now represents the area of Christianity. It was a new spiritual state that was closed, and no Judas priest could reach it, therefore not to perish, it was offered to him to take special measures. Each priest represented, first of all, people before the God. At will of the God, Jesus Christ discovered to the people the new spiritual level by the oblational death. The scope of Moslem Faith is also the Sacred, but, as it was already opened by the victim of Jesus Christ, Mohammed Prophet did not have to bring himself to victim. I named Jesus Christ the Lord, because I was at that time in a spiritual state of Christianity. In all other places I use the word Lord in the Old Testament sense, as a name of Divine showing equivalent to YHWH. It was He who created Jesus, educated him, gave him an opportunity to realize what he could realize, and, from his voluntary consent, conducted him through cross death.
The Lord conducts any other person to this level through a spiritual cocrucifixion, and only this makes him a Christian. The line of people whom the Lord conducts through this test is moving till now, one person replaces another, but the line does not run out.


The next day, after the day of a spring equinox of March 21, 2001 they read a fragment from the Genesis about the blessing of the son of James by Isaac in a Temple of the Don Monastery.


The place of action is Moscow. It is our times (as to the architecture etc.), and the social environment corresponds approximately to the year 1918, when the aristocrats were already expropriated, but not yet destroyed. Gangs are acting everywhere, they are plundering, killing. The human life is worth nothing. My friend invites me to visit something like hobbies club, and on my question who was there a supervisor answered: "Prince Lvov".

The club was located on the first floor at the end of the corridor of some former palace, about that we may judge by the nitidous parquet, high moulded ceilings, huge crystal lusters and other attributes. Near a ladder march there was a large basement, or half-basement pit, like an orchestral pit, where everything was in fact placed. Everything around was clean, the large luster was brightly shining, and it was warm and somehow especially quiet. It was the haven of rest and safety in an alien and hostile world. A wide ladder led downwards from the corridor, people sat there, and each one was doing his own business: someone modeled, someone invented something, and others rehearsed scenes from some plays, the third played music or quietly sang. In the corridor, above the pit there was a table, at that, a man of not more than sixty years old sat. The large enough face, clean face with smooth skin and regular features, wealth of hair, but not long with abundant gray hair, attentive eyes. My sight noted a torso converging in the cone of this "person". After it neither thighs, nor legs followed. It was that "person" who was a source of rest, and all this atmosphere of coziness and warmth came from him. Though urgent business and problems that were necessary to resolve awaited me behind the walls of this house, I simply stayed all evening, having a rest with my soul from the severe life outside the walls of this house. But, as I understood from conversations, these concerns and problems distracted ever more people from visiting this club, and with each day even less and less people came there. It bothered very much the organizer of this club whom I would rather call a producer that is why when we with my friend were leaving, he came near to us and, somehow pleadingly addressed me, asked me if I would come some more. Moreover, though I was not about to come, I began to hesitate and told that I would come.
Five or six persons of us came out of the house, it was evening, but not dark yet, and there was no one on the streets. When we passed through an underground subway, a gang attacked us. The three of us were at once seized, the three started running away and three gangsters dashed after us in a pursuit. In one of the subways, they chased us down and we started to fight. As it appeared, the gangsters pursuing us were young, yet inexperienced guys. When I struck one of them with a fist in the face, he fell down and, having hit with his head the protruding angle of a stone, died at once. I did not want to kill him, and, having jumped up to him and already knowing that he had died, tried to bring him back to senses but it was too late. I realized that I had killed a man, and my soul was seized with horror. Both us and the rest of the gangsters rushed in different directions. Already on the run I understood that I had nowhere to run: I had no home and there was nobody whom I could address, and I rushed to the club. My soul was about to wail and I had a sensation that there was only one Man whom I could address in the entire universe.

When I rushed into the club, He was there, and having seen me stood up and, not letting me say a word, extended his arm in my direction and made a movement with his hand as though calming me down. In the same instant, the great strain left me, and the killing of the man, having turned into an insignificant episode took a place in a distant corner of my memory. Seeing that I calmed down, He asked: "Do you not want to dance solo in a performance?" I understood that He was talking about a ballet, and inside I almost burst into laughter. Me, at 56 years of age, with my figure and radiculitis? Understanding everything what was happening in me, and, not letting my laughter make it outside, He raised his hands and made a movement as though pushing away the air from Himself to me. In the same instant my belly disappeared, my back became straight, the muscles became full of great force, a flame burst in the soul, which was both inspiration and gratitude for this "Man" and no one knows what else. At some instant I made a ballet jump and seeing it would make any professional die of envy. I understood that my technique was perfect, but it would be necessary to correct some details according to a plan of the Producer. All of it sounded in me as an inexpressible music, in that there was merged together the love to the mother, love to people, unquenchable love to creativity, and this love was as the highest sign, completion in development of all dreams of the man on creativity, love and happiness. And, as this flame started burning in me, His face began to change smoothly, it became more and more wise and noble, so that I wanted to look at him ever more, without a blink. Moreover, I needed already nobody in the world, but Him, the Teacher. He was the only one in the world who embodied in himself all my dreams and desires! The love to Him reached such a greatness in my heart that I had a heartache, it grew and I understood that I would then die, but at that instant He released me, and He Himself was going to unimaginable spiritual heights. But for an instant his going away slowed down and looking at me, he said: "I AM THE ONE!" Moreover, at that moment I understood, Who that was and I understood why people could live and die for the sake of Him! However, later I realized that I was not right, because the Lord teaches people to live and die not for the sake of Him, but for the sake of people!

As it was noted in the First Gospel book the spiritual doctrines - Judaism, Christianity and Moslem Faith represented the Path to the following spiritual levels that had been lost because of the sins of the ancient mankind. This Path symbolically presented by the Lord for the mankind by the Tabernacle of the Congregation showed that the Judaism introduces people into a court yard, the Christianity opens access to the Sacred, and the doctrine on the Return should open the curtain to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Thus, the death of Nadab and Abihu redeems the sins that brought to the Babylonian dispersion, the death of Jesus Christ redeems the sins of the antediluvian mankind, and the death of the following envoy will redeem the sin of Cain. Cain, as the original son, bore a blessing of the God given to all the human kind. This blessing in people showed, first of all, as a great gift of Creativity. That is why the Truth, which now is given by the Lord, is addressed, first of all, to the creative people, who inherited together with this gift on the line of Cain negative features as well: ambition, vanity, envy etc. These people, stand as to their spiritual state on the level of paganism that is why they are in a cellar, though the God created a palace for the mankind. With the purpose to rescue the part of mankind that inherited not only the defects and sins of Cain, but the showing of the God's blessing of the human kind also the vision shows the appearance of the Lord under a name of the King of Kings and the Lord, the One.

The Lord, with His appearance in the vision, drew my attention to another principal spiritual Truth. Some months before that, I began to pray regularly before the Trinity icon, though I had a belief from the contacts with the priests and monks that their own mystical experience is sometimes beyond the frameworks of this church dogma. The Lord, in His appearance gives me a clear understanding that the showing of His will may come true in a number of ways including through the man whom He, the Lord, vests with necessary properties always remaining the One.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union, objective in the historical retrospective, is a catastrophe in the spiritual plan, which is may be equal to the spiritual catastrophe caused by the October Revolution. In the basis of each revolution there "lays" a dualization of the man that is a confrontation of two levels of collective consciousness, which is removed either by a disintegration of the country, or a civil war. In the spiritual plan, it always results in transition to a lower spiritual state and a loss of many spiritual values.

The Lord, "entrusting me the ballet role" that is sending a man with a spiritual mission of "action" gives him all the necessary properties for its fulfillment. This mission is the realization of the next stage of the plan of the Lord on spiritual Return of the mankind and is called to change the spiritual state of the people.


An unknown planet of terrestrial type. A plain, flat, woodless landscape. Bright golden star, almost the terrestrial Sun. Plain flat fields sown with wheat, which is already mature, and it is time to begin reaping. In fields of wheat, large structures similar to barracks are scattered in regular intervals. I enter one of such barracks, it consists of rooms with furniture. Clothes for people are hanging in wardrobes, in boxes there is linen and all kind of small things. I somehow know that this planet is prepared for evacuation of those living on Earth, when there will be a catastrophe on our planet. What will cause the catastrophe is not known to me.

Vision, as a continuation *.* .00.


The Christian temple is built-in in a huge modern residential building made of glass and stone, which looks at the East. Two entries lead there: the ceremonial one is from the part of the facade, from the East, and the emergency one is on the backside. When the people go to the temple from the front entrance, non-believers standing on the road reprobate and abuse them. When we go together with a priest from the courtyard, the grace is bestowed to us: sensation of pleasure and rest, power and energy, goodness etc. This atmosphere is as though radiated by us, so that even the non-believers feel it, is seized by it, and praises the coming Christians.

The mankind gradually passes to the level of "household" religiosity, after which the stage of going away from the God and the confrontation with Him follows, as it happens now in the United States, where the collective consciousness through a discredit of ecclesiastics intensively supersedes from the people the residual spirituality connected to Catholicism.

Let us note that the Tabernacle of the Congregation had only one entrance, which was from the East side, that is the Lord put the Tabernacle "to catch" the people leaving from the God. Thus, the people entered a courtyard of the Tabernacle, moving westwards, and moved out of it moving eastwards. The movement to the Lord is the movement eastwards.

* * *
They brought hallows of the sacred Panteleimon to Moscow, and all the Christians had many talks about him. Inspired by the common rise and being in the temple, I asked before an icon for an employee who was seriously sick, but did not go to the doctors. In some days, I found out at random that the next day he had the most serious attack. I had an idea on the connection of these events, but I tried not to think about it. A bit later, I asked for myself, the daughter and a good acquaintance at work that suffered from a serious dermal disease before the same icon. The first strike fell upon me. A couple of days before I was informed of the strongest flare that took place on the Sun, and when the magnetic indignation would reach the Earth. At night when the solar wind fell upon the Earth, at about five o'clock I was taken by the strongest attack, which the doctors diagnosed later as spasms of brain vessels. It showed, as nausea, dizziness, strongest closed space-phobia. The fear for this state was such, that it was almost stronger than fear of death. I wanted to be in the open space, even it had to jump out of the window for this purpose. I managed to keep myself in hands only through a mobilization of all my will, though I was almost running around the room.

In some days, my daughter had an attack, and later I found out that my acquaintance had the strongest attack of aggravation of her illness. I never asked for anybody's health ever since.

A bit later, I stood on a prayer in a temple. The prayer already began but the people were still coming. Two women came, and it happened so that one stood to the left of me, and the other one to the right. Before that they talked about something and continued conversation when they stood near me. Suddenly, the one that stood on the left, asked the other one, whether she wore a worn next to the skin cross. When I understood that it was spoken about me my soul shivered. The other woman answered that no, she did not carry one. "Do wear it!" the First one told. When the prayer was completed, I went to the church shop and purchased at once a cross.
I reflected very long over this story. For the further movement, it was necessary to understand, what for and by Whom I was punished, moreover innocent people suffered on my fault. After long reflections I came to the following conclusion: the Lord (not Jesus Christ) chose me to inform the people of the new Truth, He came to me in my vision and confirmed my mission by the Showing of Glory over Russia on December 22, 2000, and after all that I, turning away from Him, address to the icon of a Christian sacred, actually running into paganism, with requests! Forgive me My God!


I prepare to reap the wheat on a combine. I go to the house, I take a book from the shelf, and suddenly I see that there are strands from it going to other books standing on the shelf. I take scissors and I cut these strands. The book that I took in my hands, as a neonatal child that is connected to the mother by a navel - the Sacred Scriptures and other books bearing the Truth.

The truth, which the Lord gave to people and which is stated in the "First Gospel" is not isolated, but there is a component of uniform spiritual Doctrine. This Doctrine grows as a plant and, if people will learn it and live with it, it will bring a fruit and open a path to the new spiritual step.


Huge terrain of swamps occasionally coated with hassocks with grass and bushes, but the large part of them is coated with fluid dirt, in which the legs stick in some places up to the ankle, and in some up to the knee. But there are places, where a man disappears completely, even a trace will not remain. There is an always gray, leaden cloudy sky above these swamps. People live in these swamps, and they wander from place to place looking for food. A Man lives with them whom they at a time named the Father and Teacher. Nobody knows His age, but, as far as they remember, He was always with them. He told for many centuries to people that far from there was a perfect country with forests, lakes, grass and light-blue sky, where the sun shines, and where people, could initially, fly. He called them to follow Him to this country and promised that he would show them the way out of these swamps. To facilitate their path, he had been building pathways on piles around fens and death traps through the swamps for many centuries and spoke that he had already completed building this road. However, the people were lazy and were not curious, they got used to the constantly gray sky, they were born and died, never having had seen neither the sun, nor the piece of light-blue sky. The one, whom they once named the Father and Teacher, they then named as the codger, and they considered the idea about flights not more than a fairy tale. But all the same there were people, who, having thrown everything, left to search for the perfect land, but nobody of them ever came back - some of them perished, and those who reached their target in that perfect world forgot soon about the people wandering in the swamps. Moreover, the way back was long and dangerous. Only the Teacher alone, century after century, tried to wake his people and take it to another world.
I lived among them, wandered as well on the swamps, listened to the old Teacher, loved to dream, but all of His calls seemed unreal to me, a fairy tale. The gray, sad and dirty life lasted for years, till the heart of mine was not overflown with this dirt. The grains sown by the Teacher in my soul gave a rough rise, and, once, when I stood in a fluid swamp dirt, I was taken possession by a frantic desire to be carried away upwards. All of my body in a mad impulse rushed upwards, and, oh, what a miracle, the swamp with champing let me go, and I headlong rushed upwards. For some time a gray sheet covered me, I got into a rich fog but was still rushing upwards. And suddenly something struck me painfully on the eyes, the tears began to run down, I closed my eyes tight and for long could not open my eyes, till they got used to it. My heart was nearly torn apart from what I had seen: I was hanging in the air, something gray and shapeless was moving under me. Then I understood that it was that fog through which I had slipped through. Highly over me, a big fire was flaring. I felt the heat from it even at such a distance, and all the rest was of such color that my heart shivered from happiness, as I could not imagine anything similar in life. Having slightly calmed down, I began to look around, somewhere far away I saw a hilly land with woods, and there was the huge sea near it, the same color as that of the sky. And I was already ready to rush there, but I remembered the Teacher, who was the one to try, century after century, to pull out my people from the dirt of these swamps, and, having looked back once again at the far and perfect land, I flew downwards.

The dirt is a symbol of sin. The people, who go around in dirt, have distorted paths, and as long as they go around in to, they will not find the true Path. For starters, people should be pulled out from dirt, only then they can find a true path. "Wash yourself, clear yourself; take the malicious acts of yours off the eyes of Mine; " - invokes the Lord by the mouth of Isaiah prophet. And that is why the Teacher builds pathways, so that people could find the Path, as the gray sky closes the light of truth to people. The Lord gives the person two opportunities to find the truth: either to find it on the earthly Path following the "pathways" laid by others, or reject everything and try to hear the voice of the Lord, to follow it and "fly up".
What is shown about me should be understood as follows: the Lord woke my heart, and I was pulled out from the spiritual dirt of the modern world to the Christian spiritual level. And I could stay there, but the Lord called me to leave him, return to people and try to pull out, at least a part of them, from the dirt of the world and to show them new, shining world, ready to accept them. The Lord gives this world presented in ….99 to the people as creators, but for this purpose it is necessary to open a higher than Christianity spiritual level and raise to it.


There are ruins of a once majestic Christian temple before me. The gates fell apart and were almost completely filled up with fragments. The monks in black vestments go in the direction of the temple. The small part of them passes directly through an engulfed gate, but the main part of them bypasses ruins to the right and goes further. In addition, I perceive that there is a new temple of the new Church behind these ruins.

Christianity was one of the stages on the spiritual Path of people to the God. A part of Christians will enter the structure of the new Church, but the basic mass will be composed of people not belonging to Christianity.

* * *

The acceptance of the truth that was given by the Lord was done in a heavy soul struggle. In spite of the fact that I saw all the narrowness and defects of the Christian Teaching, I worshipped the oblational destiny and greatness of spirit of Jesus Christ, and…. the spiritual state of the best men of faith of Christianity became already close to me. But I understood that the saving of mankind lays in overcoming the manic, instilled into the consciousness for centuries sense of superiority of some, narrowness of church tenets of others and militant blind fanaticism of the third. Since paganism, the Lord has conducted me through a huge information layer of visions belonging to various faiths, to monotheism. Accepting and realizing the truth that the Lord now gives to people, I studying the Old Testament, gospels and Koran felt in this or that measure interaction with the spiritual levels of Judaism, Christianity and Moslem Faith that showed in special characteristic visions. Each of these spiritual levels has its own information system, generally, distinct from the others. Naturally, the strongest connection showed with the spiritual state of Christianity, less with the states of Moslem Faith and Judaism. As appeared, my School did not end than, the Lord brought me to Christianity for me to study further, and when this period of studies was completed, I was the first who was given to understand about it.


The knowledge of truth that the Lord wants to give to people sometimes reminds flour bolting. A woman takes the bolter, fills it with flour and starts bolting it. The first time the largest, non-ground pieces of grains are left, then she takes a thinner bolter and bolts again, till she receives what she desires. And the same goes with the truth: some statements from the Lord are conceived at once, to realize the others it is necessary to come back not once, and to understand the third one, after having had spent is a lot of time, one has to ask the help of the Lord.
One of the most difficult places was the comprehension of the sense of the episode, when the Lord commanded to Moseses: "Make yourself a [copper] snake and put it on your flag, and [if the snake bites a man], the bitten one, having looked at it will remain alive". (Num., 21, 8) It was completely clear that the episode referred to the future Christianity. The reflections over this episode became the cause of the following night vision:


I got my hands dirty somewhere and I was going around with a green folder, in which there was a manuscript of the "First Gospel" to a house (one-storeyed, as in the country). Right behind the doorstep, on the left there is a laver with a crane. I open the crane and I try to rinse my hands holding a folder. The jet of water from the crane randomly gets from the end face to the folder with the sheets. Though I, having inclined the folder, at once pour water out of it, the wet sheets of the manuscript begin to slip out of it, which crinkle, crumple and blacken in my eyes, turning into ashes. These half-scattered sheets of ashes fall at the doorstep, then sparks and tongues of flame appear from them, and the wind carries them on the left to an old cupboard and behind it. Being afraid of fire, I try to extinguish them as soon as possible.

The truth given by the Lord and stated in the future book the "First Gospel", represents a tremendous spiritual power. Let us remember the gospels from Lucas: "I came to bring down fire on Earth, and how I would wish it to flare up already!" However, if water clears, the fire shows in two forms in the Scriptures: fire clearing and fire "eating".
Therefore, the sense of this vision is not yet clear to me.

… 02.02

They call me to some higher establishment. It is in a multi-storey house, somewhere on the middle floors. I go there and I see a large premise located at two levels at once. Usual office tables stand here and there. At the top level, directly before me, there is a table, on which there is a thick stack of cardboard punched cards. At the back side of each card something is written, and the top side is clear. And I for some reason understand what only one thing is written on each punched card (!) the statement I have to think over and reflect in the book. I am amazed at the thickness of this stack, and with fear, I think that I will not be able to understand all of them.

The Lord gives new Truth to people. This Truth represents a set of many statements that should be notified to the people. I have to accept each of these statements, that may be done only having raised my spiritual state to a higher spiritual level, realize it and inform them to the people.

.... 02.02

About two years ago my uncle on the maternal side died. He lived in a village in Ryazan region, he inherited it from his mother and was brought up in kindness and mercy to people, whom he always helped. For it the Lord took him through the Patriotic War, saving his life.
My uncle came to me in my dream and took several piles of already issued book to give them to those who left from us.
At that time, I was just completing the book, and yet several months would pass before it would be issued.

* * *

The work over the first version of the "First Gospel" is almost completed, and I am doing small revisions and stylistic editing.


I am in a large room, where except for me other people work. Suddenly Somebody enters into the room with a large retinue and starts talking to the people working here. He is rather far from me and does not advance further in my direction. Soon a man comes out of His encirclement and quickly approaches me. "Show the President what thee have written!" - he addressed me. I get hastily a green folder where a hand-written text of the "First Gospel" should lay, I open it and, having taken all the sheets, on which some numerical examples are written, I pass it to Him. Doing this I am somehow explaining away, saying that I had only three days for the work. He collects my papers, joins the retinue of the President, and all of them leave at the same time the room.

Any information in the material world, which is presented in the literal form, will be transformed to the numerical form in the spirit world, and visa versa. It is this property that is the basis of numerology. Thus, each language on Earth has an equivalent numerical system. From here, it follows that the most common language for us is the language of images. The president is Jesus Christ representing the Christian spiritual level of the collective consciousness. As compared to the title of "Pharaoh" in Exodus, or the "king" in the prophets that speaks of anointing, the title of the "president" speaks of his voluntary election by the people. It means that the people have made him the god.
In this vision, a certain constraint of Jesus in relation to me clearly shows that is explained by the internal disagreement with the already made December choice. This disagreement is referred, in my opinion, with that, my previous path in life is a path of the sinner.
From the comparison of the periods of work over the manuscript in two worlds, it is possible to receive the following time scale: one year in the Earthly world is equal to a day in the spiritual one.

Here is the main conclusion from this vision: the Lord is the God of those who are alive, and he gives truth to alive people, and only then she goes from the alive to the dead.

Alive people know that they will die, and the dead know nothing, and there is already no requital to them, because the memory of them is put to oblivion also, and their love and their hatred and their jealousy have already disappeared, and there is no more part to them for eternity in anything what is done under the sun. (Eccl., 9, 5)


I am in the same room. I work. A door opens again and the President with his retinue enters. This time He approaches to me Himself, and, stretching out to me my manuscript speaks: "Give it to children". Then turns and leaves the room together with everybody.

The truth given by the Lord is such that any person, great in spirit, will for sure feel its simplicity and greatness. And Jesus as well, having overcome himself and having resumed the greatness of spirit, thought, first of all, about "his children", the Christians.


It is the future. I am dealing with what recently was called as mathematics, and together with my student I came to a certain premise reminding a large sports gym or a closed arena. A part of the gym at the center is taken by the large platform surrounded, as at stadiums by a rather narrow small path (not more than half a meter), which is divided from the "spectators" with a figured small fence. Behind this small fence a lot of people are standing, mainly young ones. There are absolutely no seats. On the platform there are very many people of the same age, who behave very strangely: they have a glance of detachment, they move on a platform in silence, each one is on his own, without any order and purpose. Someone is waving his hands, someone jumps up, dances etc. Among them, perhaps, there are no two persons making identical movements, however nobody bumps against anybody, and nobody hampers anybody. "Spectators" silently discuss something among themselves or observe them thoughtfully. From time to time, one of those being at the platform comes nearer to the path, comes to himself and quietly passes to the category of the spectators and visa versa, one of the spectators passes over the path, his face becomes of detachment and he begins his peculiar movement on the "arena". If it was not for these strange movements, we could have assumed that they went deep into the resolution of some problems.
After standing and having concentrated, my schoolgirl also steps over the path, her face becomes concentrated and, having begun her strange dance, she hides in the crowd. Some time passes, and I notice her gradually coming near the path dividing us. At last she reaches the edge, comes to herself and calmly comes to me. As to her appearance, I understand that she is completely satisfied with the results of the "session" and looks pleased.
I also step over the fencing and I pass over the pathway. When I reach the edge of the "arena", my consciousness suddenly abandons the body, and I feel myself a certain bunch of energy. All the sensations related to functioning of the body disappeared. The spectators and the "dancing" people surrounding me, turned into weak foggy silhouettes, and there appeared on the arena a complex design from geometrical figures ("waveguide") which is carried away into the sky through a disappeared ceiling. I keep my free will and individuality, but, at the same time, I feel myself uniform with the fantastic mind the relics of that I can not even imagine at all and that I touch only somewhere on the periphery. Here they name him the Teacher. I realize that I came here to solve a problem: modeling people reason contact with the Teacher. The process of the decision consists in movement of this geometrical frame and a change of images that happens at a great speed. Various variants of decisions including the ones offered by me are considered. A bit later we find an unexpected (for me) and a good decision, I understand that including me in this system, the interaction with the Teacher was fruitful, and I leave from the contact. Again I realize myself in my body at the edge of the path and I feel a sense of rise and satisfaction. I perceive that the Reason that we name the God, will not soon become our Teacher, but that in many respects depends only on us. Then I understand that the last battle will be for domination over the consciousness of the man, and it has been going for a long time already. In this battle, I fight on the side of the Lord.

And it will be after that, I shall pour from the Spirit of Mine on any flesh, and the sons of yours and daughters of yours will divine; your old men will see dreams, and your young men will see visions. And those days I will pour from the Spirit of mine on the slaves and on she-slaves too. (John, 2, 28-29)

The spiritual development of the man has its purpose to become the assistant of the Lord in saving and development of the Creation. However, to participate in saving and development of the Creation, it is necessary to understand its purposes, and for this, in its turn, a special degree of closeness to the Lord, unity with Him is necessary. In this vision one of variants of the possible future is presented, when, after coming of the Messiah, the path to the new spiritual level of closeness to the Lord will be open, the level on that Adam was, but to realize it, people should pass a long way. This path consists in that each man should himself change himself! If he hopes that the historical development will itself bring the man to such spiritual state, than it is the deepest error! If the person does not apply any efforts, than the historical process will lead only to spiritual losses.
We shall pay attention that the people participating in this "session" have completely other, than us, spiritual qualities.



A certain substance frequently shows in visions, through which the Divine showing comes true, and which is called in the Scriptures a cloudy column. In the vision it is shown at a distance as clouds, but possesses a much more complex structure not having anything in common with water.
Due to figurative presentation of unity of spiritual doctrines, the dark blue cloud is gray, using condensations and underpressures shows me tetrahedral pyramid built as though from a dense fog.

* * *
Having spent about two weeks looking for a printing house, on the second of April I give the manuscript for printing.


I am having a dream of a very large, one-storeyed school (!) building under a good roof. Inside there are no walls and partitions, only a huge room with floors. The settlement of three, or four houses of rural type is situated near. My task is, not blasting these houses to place them in this building, under a common roof and on a common base. The common walls may be used, but the internal restructuring of each house is not possible.

Judaism, Christianity and Moslem faith are conceived in the world as various religious trends, though they are actually only separate stages of the doctrine on the Return. That is why my task is to unite them, not destroying them, on the common base and under a common roof. It is completely clear that this unification will not be a new uniform doctrine. The main task of this unification is the uniform spiritual actions directed at intensifying the influence of the spiritual level in the collective consciousness. These uniform actions may play a great role in the destiny of mankind.

The other image given to me in the other vision is a pyramid. The four sides of the pyramid represent, accordingly, Judaism, Moslem Faith, Christianity and the doctrine on the Return. The higher this side is the less people there are at this spiritual level.


I conceive, I see and I feel by the provoked reason all the universe (naturally, as far as my mind lets me do that), as though my brain is involved not five, but all the hundred percent. And, from the certain center there goes a wave and it spreads to all the sides. This wave is not usual, as, for example, a wave on the surface of water, this wave penetrates all the depths of substance, all standards of living, both material, and spiritual. My consciousness and each atom of my body are thrilled. Visually I see that the wave erases the whole of nebulas and galaxies, as if they were a dust on glass, then a completely new picture of universe appears. However, inside of me I feel that it instantly breaks off the ties in all the range of alive and dead matter and connects them in a new fashion. Something varies and remains, but the most part is destroyed. This process is so grandiose that each cellule in me thrills and is being on the verge of an explosion. This is not a wave of creating a universe, but its innovation.

As Isaiah prophet says: "Wherefore, I make the new sky and the new land, and former will not be recollected any more and will not come to the heart". (Exodus, 65, 17)
In the first book of the Enoch (91, 16) it is said: "and during it [during the Judgement Day] the first sky will disappear, and the new sky will appear", and this phenomenon is called the new creation: (page 632 of the Dictionary)
And after that during the tenth week, in its seventh part, there will be a court on eternity, which will take place over guards, and the eternal great sky growing from the medium of the angels will appear. And the previous sky will lessen and disappear, and the new sky will come, and all the heavenly forces will shine for eternity with the seven.
A little differently it was described in Kumran Book of Enoch: "And the first heavens in this (period) will come, and the [new] heavens [will appear, and all the powers] heavenly will shine and will sparkle in all the eternity by the seven-multiple (light). ([2] -138)
In the Ethiopian version of the book of Enoch, in the first vision it is described as it looked from ground: "… and then I have seen in vision, as the sky lowered, and became smaller, and fell to the Earth. And when it fell to the ground, I saw the Earth, as it was absorbed by the great abyss, and the mounts came down on the mountains, and the hills topped the hills, and the high trees came off their trunks (roots) were overthrown and sunk in the abyss".

25.02.03 to 15.04.02

Earlier we considered an issue on the interaction of the man's reason with the Lord (the Teacher), and we found an unexpected decision: taking into account that the spiritual state of the man in life goes through rises and falls, we may use the rises of the human spirit for his spiritual development and learning the truth. This is an analogy to flights in space, only, in this case, the Lord will help the man to "fly up" in the spiritual plan on a very high (maybe to an unimaginably high) spiritual level with all of his new qualitative properties. But, in this case, the special attention, demands the "landing", or a "controlled spiritual fall". Spiritual "training" is necessary, by an analogy to jumps with parachute to learn to save for a maximum time the achieved spiritual state.
Winter, evening. I go in a helmet and with a parachute behind my shoulders to an airdrome to make at least one jump, only then I will fly to "space". These flights are, probably, related that we should be thrown to the spiritual level of Return that lays above than level of the "tree", that is why it is not achievable by other methods.

Only recently I began to understand that the high spiritual state that I reached before the beginning of the "doctrine", that is the work with the Scripture, was not reached by myself, but I was raised so that I could realize the truth that I had to bring to the people. Earlier I noted in myself some non-characteristic features for me, but I realized only then that my spiritual state was raised not by me. It is necessary to note that my reaction to this change was positive and active that is I tried to maintain these changes in me.
On the basis of this vision one can make a conclusion that the spiritual movement is not monotonous, but it happens by rises and falls. This completely agrees with the existence of the discrete system of spiritual levels. Jewish wise men have an opinion that each fall precedes only the new spiritual rise to a higher level.


I came to a court yard of some castle in a car and took my mother with me to take her somewhere. Having gone away from the castle, I stopped on the road, and when I returned, having had left on some time, I saw that on the back seat some unknown woman was sitting in the car together with my mother. She was about fifty years, and kept a bag with things on her knees. She was invisible to the mother. "Who are you? " - I mechanically asked her and at once I understood that it was death, or a guide that accompanies the died one. The mother was already not in herself. "Kolya, put me at a window" - she said, though the window was lowered in the car. There was a sensation that she was out of air, such was the influence of "neighbour". "Maybe you need a ride somewhere?" - I asked the "woman". "Take up me up to the five-hundredth" - she said. It could be understood as a stop of a bus, but I understood it as "till the five-hundredth day".
People similar to refugees ploded by us on the road. They said that a tremendous army is moving on our land. I started the car, and we moved on the road, that soon was going on fields. A bit later we saw in the distance in the fields huge masses of armies. Having come nearer, we saw that those were the German fascist armies. Marching, under the sounds of orchestras playing German military marches, with unwrapped flags they covered all the space ahead, as far as it caught the eye. When we started coming nearer to them, the contours of each soldier began to become obscure, as though they were made of a dust turning into a phantom, but, with going away from us, they again assumed precise outlines, and soon a precisely seen army marched again behind us.

Russia is overwhelmed with the collective consciousness of the fascist (if we may estimate it so) type. An analysis of casual events speaks about it: fires in psychiatric clinics, in houses of invalids and boarding houses for children with physical defects, a sharp augmentation of death rate among people of senior generation. "Our" collective consciousness aspires to be released of everything defective and unhealthy, from all the carriers of the old spiritual state. From the analysis that there is an attack on spirituality in all the mass media, and a special attention is given to depravation of young generation, it follows that a young and not tied with any spiritual norms predator rises.


A potent water flow breaks away from the mountain and is rushing on the ready, recently laid mountain channel that is sometimes divided into two, going in different directions. This channel does not at all always go downwards, there are some areas, when it goes upwards. I stand on a wooden float right at the very beginning of the flow and I direct it as a horse, on this or that channel, and it listens to me and is running at my will.

It is necessary to keep the distribution of the new spiritual doctrine under a constant control, because other interpretations will at once begin to arise, other directions that will try to split the people and withdraw them aside.


Saturday on the Eve of Passover. The Day of descent of the blessed fire in Jerusalem. Before me there is a continuous wall, as a film, of beige color. I try with an effort of will to look after it. It as though thaws and on its place there is a thin open-work black lattice reminding an iron-shod metal lattice of a fence from not repeating themselves patterns, inside of which unknown letters or symbols are arranged. Behind this lattice there is a wall of flame rages, the tongues of it move and fly up. The flame, and nothing can be seen through it, only the flame everywhere, but I do not feel any heat through the lattice, as though it was cold. As soon as my strong-willed effort faints, a beige film at once begins to arise that covers and laces everything. Soon there is only a small "window" left, through which I see the lattice and the silently splashing flame but then this window disappears too.

In the book of the Enoch it is several times spoken about the fiery walls. First of all, the expelled angels abide in an imprisonment behind fiery walls. Second of all, the House God's has fiery walls.


A forest is spread under me in all sides. I look at it, as though from above.
As in 26.04.03, I erase by an effort of will the picture of the forest, and a complex flat frame reminding a blast furnace structure of ferromagnetics appears at me. For some time, I hold this picture before me, but my will faints, and the picture disappears.

Let us recollect the vision of Enoch: "They raised me up into the sky, and I came nearer to a wall that was from crystal stones and surrounded with a fiery flame.… And I entered into the fiery flame, and I came nearer to the great house, which was arranged from crystal stones; the walls of this house were similar to a set floor (parquet or mosaic) from crystal stones, and its bedrock was the crystal…"


I arrived in a small settlement that was placed in some plain terrain. It was a hot summer, there was dust and a little of verdure. When I was passing through the settlement, a middle-aged, strong, with keys in hands woman bumped in front of me. Having identified a visitant in me, she invited me to visit a church. A bit later, when I completed the business, I decided to go there, but as I did not see anywhere neither a campanile, nor cupolas, I had to ask people. I was shown a usual house, it was a little bigger than the other one, which was at a time a club. When I entered there, I saw a small auditorium, in which there were no more chairs, but still there was a stage without any coulisses and a veil. However, this small stage too consisting of two equal halves could be easily taken away. Nowhere, neither on a ceiling, nor on the walls there were any features of any religion. The woman, still with the keys, stood on a stage, and I raised to her. I wanted to ask her questions, why this premise was called a church by her, when the door opened, and the Christian priest and mullah came in, one after another. They entered the hall, the mullah lowered on his knees and began to pray, kowtowing, and the priest, standing not far from him, was praying as he was standing. They were praying quietly and concentrated, standing with their back to us, and in this ordinary calmness it was completely clear to everyone that the Lord is the One for all people, and all the religious conflicts are done with human hands.

The Moslem faith and Christianity symbolically represent the Sacred Tabernacles of the Congregation, but their rank is different. The Moslem faith is higher as to its rank than Christianity, because it corresponds to the chest of the man, and Christianity is the belly.


I come to a shop and it is necessary to change clothes at the entrance. I take off my clothes, hang it on the hanger, take on other much worth clothes, and I go to a shop. When I am going to leave the shop and I go to change clothes, I do not find neither the clothes nor the footwear. I put on some other's clothes, but I can not find a footwear. I am offered to go down to a lower premise to go look there, but I do not find my footwear there as well.

The clothes reflect sins or virtues of a man. In secular life people frequently, not thinking what price they pay, strive to receive worldly goods.


I bundle my attache case, I put on my clothes and go to classes or to work. I go on foot on Leninsky Prospect in the direction of the center. Somewhere at the level of Kravchenko Street - Pharaoh casino I lose memory and any senses about myself and I realize myself only in the region of Moskva Department Store. My attache case is absent, I am barefoot, I am dressed in someone's bad clothes, it is unbuttoned. I see that other people feel the same. Someone says that there is a warehouse close, where we can pick any clothes and footwear for ourselves. We go to this warehouse and we see a lot of various clothes and footwear, but it is all of very poor quality or second-hand already. I try to find some footwear for myself, but I can not do it, as it is summer footwear and there is no my size.

Each city is a spiritual hole. Moscow consists of two (or more) spiritual levels. The suburbs of Moscow are at a higher spiritual level, and further there is an obscure transition to lower level. Getting into a spiritual hole a man is unable to save the spiritual state at the former level. There are always spiritual losses. The man does not realize this transition. The large width of the transition band is not clear.


I have come on a station and stepped on a platform. I am going to take a train that departs forward. Two trains are standing, one of them heads forward, and the other backwards. The locomotives of these trains stand at the same level, face to face, so there is only a small gap between them. When I have tried with an effort to push myself through this gap, the train that goes back, has moved slightly and has pressed me, trying to crush me or not to let me in this gap, and I could hardly make it jumping back. I take this train, so that to go out at the nearest stop and take another train going forward. However, the stop has appeared rather far, and I have to take pains to get out from there.

The trains on parallel paths represent spiritual movement. The train that goes back, represents Christianity. My intention to move forward meets is empeded, but I should at any cost slip in this gap, because this passage means transition to a new level, which further opens great space to my spiritual development. Now I have receded back and have lost not only time, but also something, probably, in the spiritual truth.
In the majority the dreams concern the laying ahead day, that is why it is necessary to carefully analyze all my words and actions to prevent undesirable consequences.


We are teenagers and we are playing "star war games". However, our game is of special property, it is directed at the conformation of the new spiritual truth, against unleashing of new wars. A little time has passed, and we are already young men. On one of the top, technical floors of a building we have army headquarters, where we may get on an erect ladder through a narrow manhole. There we have maps, including a large map of Europe, what it is designated what spiritual trends prevail among the population of this or that part of Europe, and what should be done to change them to new ones. We are several persons, and each of us has a sward. My father has forged and presented a sward for me. I feel that I understand the problem facing us and methods to resolve it better than my friends, that is why I should head our team.

Till now I was engaged in the basic learning the Truth that the Lord gives to people. Now the Lord shows me that I have begun intensive distribution and propagation of His truth. It is some kind of spiritual war that is completely necessary to rescue people, and the sward is the spiritual truth.


I see in my dream an elevator that goes three floors up, and a white rectangular flag consisting of three divided parts. On each of these parts there is a short sign in black letters, unknown to me.

The three-storey elevator, under my assumption, was changing a spiritual state that corresponded to Judaism, Christianity and the doctrine on the Return. The white banner consisting of three parts was as well connected to these three religions, but the essence of writings remained unknown to me. I had an impression that this flag could be cut accordingly in three parts.


I have a dream of a mountain that has three levels, and through its top there passes a road, but it is engulfed with fragments of stones. The time has come to pick up the stones, and we collect them and take them down, gradually making the road empty.

Any spiritual doctrine deviates in due course from the truth that it caused. It accumulates "rubbish" related to imperfection of people, developing it. These deviations and distortions, as stones, close the further spiritual path. For this reason, each new spiritual doctrine will for sure specify these deviations and distortions.


A large, one-storeyed, very long L-like building with a rounded angle. It is something like an elementary school. A very wide corridor, with a high ceiling. This corridor represents a wide enough earth road through that cars can pass. There is a lawn near this road. Nothing is growing on it now, and under it, in a concrete box that is not blocked with plates from above, and is simply filled up with ground, there should pass a heat line. On both sides of the corridor there are bedrooms and study rooms for children. I work in this school as a teacher, at this time there are several more men from the maintenance staff except for me. Now there are no more classes, therefore there are a few schoolboys at school.
I go alone a road (corridor) and I pay attention that in some places the soil on the lawn has given a contraction, shrinkage has appeared, and in some places they are just holes. I alarm children not to run on the lawn, as they may fall down, and I pay attention of employees that should deal with it. They find excuses that this sometimes happens, and that there is nothing dangerous about it. However, on the other day I see that this process rapidly develops, there are deep gaps where the ground, in my sight, slowly devolves and disappears. I again gather and warn children, and then I demand those responsible for it to take necessary measures. The children tell me that some animals have appeared in the building, some say that these are mice, others say that they are as big as rats in size. When I go along a corridor, I see that some animal runs across the road ahead, but its size is already that of a dog. It has fast disappeared, and I could not take a better look at it. I go to children and I try to persuade them not to leave rooms, and when I come back to the corridor, I see that at the place of the lawn now there is a hole with pure concrete base along the corridor, and all the ground has disappeared somewhere. The pipes that should have been there have disappeared too and on both ends of the corridor, in each wall of the base, there are only two round black holes seen.
Several men approach me whom I take at first for maintenance workers, but then I see they should not have been there. Their figures and faces slowly change, completing the formation of the shape of our workers. They tell me that they represent a highly advanced technological civilization, that they have penetrated into the school with noble purposes, to help the Earthly mankind to cope with ecological and other difficulties and promise to resolve all of problems. However, at the same time they let me know that the school with children was in their authority, and my any counteraction will have an effect on children. I sharply declare to them that they are gangsters who have taken children as hostages. They answer that they do not close the exit and the entrance from the school for some children, and we hold a fruitless discussion about their methods of "help". For this time the incomers in human shape fill in premises of school, unwrap their laboratories and services. I clearly understand that the purpose of this invasion is the attempt not to allow the mankind to make a next step on the Path to the Lord. At a time they have missed the chance and have lost this opportunity forever. Now they try to close this Path to others. I am calmly but firmly going to prevent this.

The mankind in its development passes a path from one person - Adam, further through a kin, nation, people and, at last, to a uniform mankind. The Lord gives definite ultimate time on movement to Him and knowing Him. On the historical scale this time is not enough. If mankind does not exhaust this time and does not realize the opportunity of Return given to him by the Lord, than it, this opportunity is not only for mankind, but for each separate person will be lost for ever. Then, depending on the state of the collective consciousness, the mankind waits at its best a path of slow fading in the way of technological civilization. Individuals, peoples and civilizations, whether they realize it or not are divided in two types: whether there are on the path of conservation and development of Creation, or counteract it. Some of such civilizations, having realized too late what they have lost, feverishly search for paths to return to themselves this connection with the Creator by genetics experiments with young reason that has not yet exhausted spiritual opportunities, others stood on the path of counteraction with the Creator, the path of evil. The letter L-like building is an angular stone of the pyramid, but it is not clear to what confession one of the sides belongs, if the other one is the Return.
The school is a new spiritual level of consciousness of people, a new Church, the church of Return. It only begins to work, that is why there is only one floor in it. Having in itself a lot of features of the old spiritual direction, it, at the same time, has precisely determined a new spiritual direction too. This state is of highly spiritual level, and the one who reaches such a state enters the "school through the door". The schoolboys and the teacher are at a high spiritual level, but at "school" there are people, auxiliary staff, who do not have it. It appears that there is an opportunity of an embodiment in such a person of reason from the inferior spiritual levels, lower than the "ground level".


Direct, long series of urban multi-storey houses arranged as a side of a street. On the first floors there are shops and various establishments. There are no attributes of presence of people in these houses. They are to the left of me. There is a wide grass lawn instead of sidewalks and the road along the houses, and instead of the second series of houses a row of armchairs are set on other side, tied as at a theatre. This row of armchairs, with the width of 40-50 meters, goes into the distance in parallel to houses so that "spectators" would look forward, along a street. Somewhere ahead artillery strikes that tries to get into houses, but the most part of shells is torn apart on the lawn, and do not get at all into the rows of armchairs. We crawl as soldiers on the lawn forward, not knowing where from should we wait for an opponent.

The human consciousness contains both the picture of life, and the image about it formed on the basis of moral, ethical and spiritual principles vested in a man. Thus, we may say that there exist life and theatre, close to each other and in unity. Each person chooses his path between these extreme limits.


Under the results of the dream, I understood that my spiritual state almost returned to the former level, but the memory of the former spiritual state supports me. Thus, the Lord developed my mind and raised my spiritual state, so that I could accept and realize that spiritual truth, which He transfers to the mankind. My further purpose is to distribute it among people, especially inform it to the creative part of the mankind.


I am a warrior, and I am a mediator in negotiations. One of the people, who have come to the negotiations, called me a prince. He says that he knows my origin.

If the "king" is the collective consciousness with the ruling level, then the "prince" is a spiritual level. So, we can make the following conclusions from this: first, the basic positions of the new truth that the Lord gives to the mankind, were accepted, realized and formulated correctly; second, there is a real opportunity to form the new spiritual level on the basis of the doctrine on the Return.


Strange events began to happen among people: people started finding some closed cups, and when they tried to open them there was a flash of light, as a result of which they lost their eye-sight. All the announcements warning about danger of opening the cups gave no results. The person having found a cup could not resist trying to open it. Then it was decided to use pair patrol, so that one of patrol men could prevent opening it. I was appointed to one of such patrols with a friend of mine. When during the patrol I distracted for a moment, and then I looked back to the friend, I saw that he had already found something, he was keeping a cup in the hand and tried to open it with a screw-driver. I shouted for him to stop, and rushed to him, but at that moment something glaringly flushed up, and when I came to myself, I understood that my friend went blind, though my eye-seeing remained normal. At this time the voice sounded in my consciousness, which explained that the collective consciousness of mankind, which acted till then in people in an unconscious way, would provide them with information then through these blind people, who would be someone like "prophets" or "oracles".

The light except for the truth symbolically represents knowledge too. The flash of light is a large volume of new knowledge that always creates with a man an illusion of omnipotence of human mind, that is why the greatest part of atheists is among educated people. The relative knowledge, blinding the people, prevents them to see the truth, to outmatch the spiritual influence of the new truth on people, and hence, on itself, the collective consciousness will dump a volume of new unusual knowledge on people. The collective consciousness, through a skilful manipulation by flows of knowledge, distracts the attention of people from some directions of a science and attracts them to the others. For many centuries there is conducted a directed misinformation in sciences on the work of the brain, consciousness and sciences on the society. It is natural that the people chosen for this purpose are atheists. Thus, together with spreading the doctrine on the Return in the scientific world we may expect a whole cascade of new surprising discoveries. The purpose of this flow of discoveries is to distract the attention of people from the truth, which is given by the Lord: people become hostages of the collective consciousness.

The "flare of light" did not make any influence on me because I, at will of the Lord, already realized the present truth, in comparison with which any scientific discoveries are completely insignificant. Thus, the collective consciousness of mankind is already openly struggles with the God for influence on the man, and, hence, this struggle will only extend and be worse with time.


A long multi-storey rectangular building. There are repairing works going on at the first two floors. They remove the old industrial one and repair the premises. Further they will probably install new equipment. I take a direct participation in it within the framework of electricity supply and allocation of energy.

The first and the second floors are Judaism and Christianity. The repairs and the change of the equipment are the changing of the insight about Life.

Late evening. It is already dark outdoors. I go shopping with my mother. We meet some woman on the road, who assumes a very high position. She is going with her daughter shopping. Suddenly she pulls out some pouch with strawberries and stretches it to me with the following words: "Here, you are to sing soon, and this helps for the vocal cords".

To sing means to preach. Here we are talking about the new truth that we call the doctrine on the Return.


A Christian temple with two side-altars, but there are no priests in the temple now. Female chorus of nuns performs canticles in one of the side-altars of the temple. A bunch of laymen listen to the chorus, and I am among them. The head (cantor) of this chorus, a woman of middle age in a strict religious habits stands among the laymen. I try to join the chorus singing, but she stops me, saying that it is not time to sing yet. Then the chorus passes to perform in the temple, but she interrupts me there too. A priest in a silvery appareling crossing rapidly the temple is going to the side-chapel, where the chorus did not perform yet. The chief of chorus addresses me and says that I shall chant in that side-altar where the priest has left.

The singing is the sermon of the new spiritual truth. The first side-altar symbolically represents Judaism, the second premise of the temple represents Christianity, the third represents the new spiritual level, the church of the Return. The vision says that there comes the time of public spreading, the time of spiritual "songs".

07.10.03 Collective Consciousness Showing.

Another planet that is occupied by humanoid race. Large spaces covered with forest. They are of low body height, thin, live in tribes, but they have already discovered written language. They write in paint or cut out on small cylindrical rods similar to our pencils, with the length of 30-40 centimeters. However the written language has another meaning for them, than for a human being. This unity of magic, ceremonial, method of conservation of knowledge and more much that I could not formulate. The letter is a sacred action, done by marks partly reminding hieroglyphs. Only those who have made or have discovered something great, unusual, or being a wise man are admitted to it. Each person writes (or draws) only one mark, then the next one draws another mark and so on, not discussing and not agreeing what should be written. However, as a result of this process a uniform semantic text appears. We may assume that the true author of this text is the collective consciousness of the community, which shows through various, brightest individuals. The most important and honorary is considered the image of the first mark (letter) of the new "book". They asked me, as an honored guest to put the first mark on the new rod that will begin new "chronicles". This mark was not coordinated and was not indicated to me. I chose it on my own (or "by myself") and drew it in the middle of the rod, as a heading.

Let us compare it with the way the Judas high priest asked the Lord on various discutable court issues of the nation of Israel through Urim and Thummim. The Lord, as the King of the Israelites carried out the management of people through collective consciousness, and it through "casual actions" by the high priest on Urim and Thummim. This mechanism could work only as long as the collective consciousness was "humbly" subordinated to the Lord. As soon as it went to an independent road of development, with the establishment of the imperial authority, this mechanism ceased to reflect the will of the Lord, and it disappeared.


I stand in the line at the counter in a small shop. A selection of the candidates wishing to sing Epitalam from Nero opera is conducted here. The line advances rather rapidly, and there comes the turn of the person standing in front of me. He tries unsuccessfully to sing some phrases and leaves. I suddenly understand that this piece of music should be considered and performed as a pray, and my imagination draws the way it would be possible, with the help of the Lord, to influence everything that is alive, if I had good voice.

Any spiritual doctrine is from the olden times spread by live communication, through a live transfer. It is perfectly natural, as the purpose is the formation of the new spiritual level. The first stage that consisted in comprehension and formulation of the new truth is basically completed, and there comes a stage of its spreading. In figurative representation a sermon is a song.


I am at a University. There are wide ladders below, but the higher they go the wider. Somewhere on the top of the University, I push myself through such a narrow corridor that my body jams between the walls that at the level of my shoulders broaden and form eaves of the width of 20-25 centimeters from each side. If I chinned up, I could go further on the eaves, but I have not guessed to do that. Ahead I see that the corridor comes to an end by a narrow manhole, and I turn back.

I saw an entrance to the following spiritual level, but I did not reach it, I receded.

18.10.03 The Showing of the Collective Consciousness is a Game Concept.

Life has many sides, among which we may indicate as extreme showings, a side of creativity, or art embodied by the God in the Creation of the world, and a side of game, or sports game, it would be more correct sports struggle, competition embodied by collective consciousness and realized in the long term a tendency on destruction of the Creation. Actually at each moment of life blended states of all of its sides, including art and sports game will be realized. The names of these sides are "art" and "sports", or "game" are taken as to their showing in human society, according to their projections on the life of the human society. In economic sphere the "game" is a competition.
In mankind, these sides are indissolubly connected with the showing of threefold character of the human soul, with animal, vegetative and spiritual components of it. That is creativity, arts are connected to the spiritual component, to the principle of spiritual selection and movement to the unity with the Creator, while the game, struggle is related to the natural selection in fauna. The "Art", as a realization of spiritual potential and as a spiritual path shows in "magic" creation - intensifying of the unity and mutual aid giving behavior, and the "sports struggle " always bears in itself images of technological destruction, relaxes collective connections, strengthens the role of individuality, destroys the unity with the God. The purpose of art is to raise spiritually and unite "spectators" that is the mankind, the purpose of the game is to realize this, or that historical and spiritual processes through a support on power. The game has its own rules - laws of life, the infringement of which is punished. There are also internal rules in each team.
Judging from this we may say that the originating of the Olympic games in Greece marked an approach of a new, extremely important stage of development of the collective consciousness of mankind, the stage of "competition" until now.

Life is not only a "theatre" (see 03.25.01) but also a "game". As it was noted above, each state of life is mixed and bears elements of all sides, including arts and games. That is each person in life is, to this or that degree, an actor, that is a person influencing the spiritual state of the society, (an "actor", a "musician", an "artist"), a spectator and a player. In space of life teams play, a team from the side of the Creator that would like to create, but it has to, including everything else, play an imposed game, and the team of the rivals, each of it is an individualist, but they have to play in a team, plus all of them are spectators. Life will be realized in a definite completeness of its states, that is they exist both as previous states from the beginning of creation, and as future ones up to the Judgement Day. The result of the game at each moment of time is the realization of this or that state in the process of movement from the Creation to the End that, as a last resort, may not even end with the Judgement Day.
I shall repeat once again that the above stated notion proceeds from the collective consciousness of mankind. This interaction, which it calls a "game", is transferred to me as an equivalent of sports competition.
I "play" on the side of the Creator. A part of the players are women in our team, they participate already for a long time in the "game", I for some reason to think that they (or a part of them) represent the God's spirit. I just begin to get acquainted with this process that the other side names as the "game". All spiritual and material resources of two worlds, spiritual and material participate in it. The task of our team is to ensure the conditions for the spiritual development of both an outstanding person, and collective consciousness of different ranks and direct them on this path of development that is characterized by one of the states of life. As a result of this "game" that I would name as struggle, and to be more precise, a war, men and women, peoples, civilizations and worlds presented by their collective consciousness is being born and die. What is war then in the notion of the collective consciousness?

Let us pay attention that the game is the basis of education in fauna, hence, our collective consciousness that has a complex structure, is in its basis of animal type.


I attend to event that comprises features of a movie festival and an opening day of an exhibition. A large territory of park ensemble arranged at several levels is bridged with perfect ladders. To the left of them events related to cinema are going on: viewings, meeting, etc. On the right there are arranged display exhibits. Together with several producers (I think with three of them) I stand by a high round table and I pour into glasses a bottle red vine that I have brought. The three of us have small recyclable small cups, and the fourth one has a small, oval capacity, in which I try to pour a little bit more. In the started conversation, someone is disapprovingly talking about the exhibits. When I was already about to leave and was approaching the ladder, I felt a strong saprogenic odor. Near the ladder on a table there was one of the exhibits that represented a wooden curb of the well from six or seven crowns, with the side of 60-70 centimeters, directly under which on the ground a heap of rottening large pieces of meat or fish laid.
Then I see, as if from the side large groups of visitors moving on all the taken territory, gradually their movement becomes more and more mechanical, they as snowflakes in winter, merge into cloggy groups, these clods gradually acquire various, correct geometrical forms. And then, multi-colored squares, rectangulars, triangles, the height of which is of human body height already move along paths with the speed of the pedestrian.

Creative people play a tremendous role in the life of the society, it is they who create the "spiritual bread", without which the society can not live. This "bread" changes the man, it can both ennoble him and transform him into an animal.
In this vision, the future is shown when the spiritual "food" will be replaced by a spiritual poison bringing the man to death. The spiritual death of the man will result in a decay of spiritual levels of the collective consciousness and its "mortification". The connection with the Creator will be lost forever, and, hence, and the spiritual line of its development, and the mankind, as a matter of fact will gradually turn into a society of "clever" animals.


Spring. City outskirts. A bunch of people, and me among them, we go on sidewalk to one of houses. A high multi-storey house, near to the wall of which a large open hatch is seen. From this hatch, a ladder leads to a basement premise. A high, well-lighted room with tables reminding of a school class. An elderly, quiet teacher sits at a teaching table. She is taking examinations from external students for the first, second or third classes. Each one passes an examination for the class, for which wants to.
We together with of the group go down, receive the tests, getting prepared and begin to answer. Our examination consists of two parts: theory that we pass now, and spiritual practice that we pass up there, in life.
Having passed the theory, we leave the class, we go out upstairs and we go to the outskirts of the city as it is close to us. Wide fields are everywhere, some of them are already ploughed, the machines are standing there, and it is time for us to be start working.

It is a spiritual school. The first, the second and the third classes are accordingly, Judaism, Christianity and Moslem Faith, and the spiritual practice is our Earthly life. The spiritual and the material worlds are situated on the different sides of the border, which is, in this case, the surface of the Earth.

End of First Part.





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