Revelation - 2000

Christianity: Foreword



Considering the Tabernacle of the Congregation as a Temple of the spiritual Path of mankind: the temple of Banishment and the Return to Eden, we see that by will of the Lord, the death of Nadab and Abihu discovered to the pagans the curtain of the court yard, discovered to them a path of spiritual Gospel, which began later to be called as Judaism. The main problem, which the Lord set at this time in the spiritual area, consists in suppressing of the animal base of the man as the basic source of the sin, and in human relations the founding of justice and good. The Lord gave to people the First Gospel (Torah) presented in acts and paths of the people, as well as commandments, laws and statements. This First Gospel appeared to be a seed, which, in due course, should have given new shoots and it gave them.
One and a half thousand years passed. There occurred a time of the following spiritual step: to discover a curtain of the Holy for the people that keeps great spiritual treasures, the access to which was closed for the people, and their nature was closed by ceremonial covering even for the priests.
There are two methods for people to accept the new spiritual Gospel: to educate the people from childhood on the provisions of this Gospel, as it was with Jewish people, or to change consciousness of the people, and thus ensure acceptance and comprehension of it, as it was with Christianity.
To the people, who will accept and bring further the ideas of Christianity, it was necessary to take a spiritual level, which the antediluvian mankind had occupied before. After its destruction, he remained empty. Therefore the Gospel, which was brought by Jesus Christ, is given to the terrestrial mankind, and it arrives on the spiritual level of Judaism only from people (before the Babylonian dispersion), resulting in its split. Therefore, the level of antediluvian mankind is filled by Earthly people who have accepted Christianity and who have left for a long time, but who have comprehended Christian ideas and accepted them.
In addition, the same should be at discovering of the new spiritual level; Jesus Christ brought to the people the new notion about the Creator and world the new purpose and a new path. In the base of this Gospel there laid the Truth given by the Lord to Moses but its further disclosure by Jesus Christ and the struggle between Judaism and Christianity, which followed it, did not allow to realize all the depth and significance of this connection. In his sermons Jesus constantly used all attributes of the Holy Tabernacle of the Congregation (light, bread, vine), but the disciples could not rise up to his spiritual level, and much was lost both for Judaism and Christianity. Jesus Christ clearly realized His purpose and the necessity of sacrificial death for a spiritual rise of people.
Precisely the same happens to the Gospel of Return. The Lord passes it at first to people, and only from people, it goes to the spiritual level of Christianity, (what Jesus named as the Kingdom Heavenly). Moreover, the new level conforming to the state before the assassination of Abel, when it will be open it will be filled both by the terrestrial mankind, and from the Christian level by those who accept this Gospel.
Millenniums will pass and a part of mankind, having passed the Earthly school of spiritual losses and acquiring and having released from its vice, at will of the Lord, will be lifted on that level, from which it was expelled, and which we call Eden. It will ascend there not at all to end his path in bliss and rest, as it is described in various religious tracts, but to go further on a path of fulfillment of the mission, for which the Lord has created mankind - to take part in Creation in unity with the Lord, the Heavenly Father and the Teacher.


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