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Apokryphal Gospels



The apocryphal gospels give a broad view about the truths brought by Jesus Christ and that stayed in memory of his disciples and the followers.

In this world those who wear clothes are chosen by their clothes. In the Heavenly Kingdom the chosen clothes are for those who put it on themselves by water and fire, which clear all the place. (Fp., 24)

As in the Earthly life, each man has his own value system, but it is better to take into consideration the value system formed in the society. From this point of view, we may mention the material, intellectual and spiritual wealth. The material wealth had and has for the absolute majority of people preferential value only because their picture about the world and about the life is limited to the Earthly existence. If, at will of the Lord, the man came closer to another world, accepted and realized other truth, then he begins to transform his soul already in the Earthly life.
To receive life, the mankind should pass through water, fire and copper tubes. It means the following: the water is the Christian baptism, the fire is the purification of the following stage, the copper tubes are the God's Judgment.

The belief receives, the love gives. [No one can receive] without belief, no one can give without love. Therefore, to receive, we believe, and to truly give, (we love). Since, if somebody gives without love, there is no advantage for him that he has given. (Fp., 45)

Belief gives the path of receiving help that is clearly seen from the examples of healings made by Jesus Christ. The force given by the Lord to Jesus Christ for accomplishing of his mission is an instrument, and using it with love to the people becomes goodness, otherwise it may become evil.

If somebody goes into water, comes from there, having received nothing, (and) he says: I am the Christian, he took his name as a loan. But if he received the Holy Spirit, he has the name as a gift. The one who received a gift, it will not be taken away from him, but the one who received (it) as a loan, he will be deprived of it. (Fp., 59)

The Christian under many obligations before the God is equal to the Judaic priest representing his people, because only a priest having previously washed himself could enter into the Holy. The Christian epiphany is the entrance to the New Testament. If the man at baptism, or as a result of further life, received a gift from the Lord, which he realized as a liability for his people, and puts into his deeds, then he received a name of the Christian.

Not all of those who have everything should know themselves. However, those who do not learn themselves will not enjoy what they have. But only those who learned themselves, will enjoy it. (Fp., 105)

The Lord granted unusual properties to many people, but for these properties to open, the man should learn himself. The learning of himself here is perceived as research and realization of the spiritual opportunities that is in fact one of the paths to the Lord. On the other hand, the path to the Lord is the best way to show what is put into you, and to obtain new physical and spiritual qualities. Let us recollect Balaam: what huge prophetical abilities were given to him, and to what low targets they served!

His disciples asked him; they told him: «Do thee Want us to fast, and how do we pray, give alms and abstain from food?» Jesus said: do not lie, and what thee loathe, do not do it. Since there is nothing veiled that will not be obvious, and there is nothing secret that would remain undisclosed». (Fm., 6)

Jesus opens to the people the following stage of the path to the God, the following stage of Return. In addition, it is natural that his disciples assume that at this stage many norms and rules of Judaism should undergo changes. However, together with it, the main statements should not only not change, but should become stronger: the relations of fairness and mercy, love to one's neighbour, and, the main thing, closeness to the God. Unfortunately, due to the enmity of the Jews and Christians many spiritual achievements of Judaism were rejected by Christians. And that had a hard effect on Christianity. The first place of the relations of the man with the Lord should be taken by the spiritual contact, spiritual dialogue, and the pray only adds to it, and can not substitute it. To come to the state of the dialogue with the Lord, it is necessary to change yourself consecutively, disposing of your animal properties and acquiring the spiritual ones. For this purpose, serve fasts, alms, various vows etc. However, it is necessary to clearly understand that at a certain stage of your spiritual development to move further thee should assume responsibility for other people as well.

Jesus said: «Blessed is the lion that will be eaten by the man, and the lion becomes the man. And damned will be the man, who will be eaten by the lion, and the lion becomes the man». (Fm., 7)

Here we say that we should let the man be possessed by his animal base. Even an animal, guided by human norms, will be higher than the man who is subordinated to animal instincts.

Jesus said: «Maybe, people think that I have come to throw the world (… …) into peace (… …), and they do not know that I have come to throw separations, fire, sward, war on Earth. Since the five will be in the house: the three will be against the two and the two will be against the three. The father against the son and the son against the father; and they will stand as alone». (Th., 17)

The new religious teaching in the world leads to polarization, especially among Jews, for whom the law was the life for a millennium. The exasperation will reach such a force that the father will go against the son, and son against the father. However, in this saying the second sense is also hidden: in Christianity each second one will be saved, and on the following stage the two from three will be saved. If this saying should be considered as an evaluation of all stages of the Return, than the war is the conquering of the «promised land» in times of Judaism, the sward is the prosecution of Christians by pagans and prosecution of Jews by Christians, the fire is something, characteristic for the third stage of Return, the separation is the separation of mankind under the spiritual principle on coming of the Messiah.

Jesus said: «The Kingdom is similar to the man, who has on his field a secret treasure, not knowing about it. And [he had not found it before] he had died, but he left it to his [son]. The son did not know it; he had received this field and sold it. And the one who bought it, came, dug out (and) [found] the treasure. He began to give money under percents [to the ones whom] he wanted to give it to». (Fm., 113)

The treasure is the nature of the Teaching that the Lord gave to the Jews, but they «farmed the field» not knowing about it. Then the Christians inherited this field. It was not the best way that they treated it and they did not only detect the nature of the Teaching, but also lost much of the inheritance. Moreover, then the time came, and the Lord opened His secret to the people to attempt once again to wake their hearts. However, this time the treasure is opened to the people not only through the Belief, but also through the Truth.


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