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During the days of Herod, the Judaic king, there was a priest from Avy kin by the name of Zachariah, and his wife from the kin of Aaron. Her name is Elizabeth. They were both holy before the God, acting according to all the Lord's commandments and charters without a sin. They did not have children, since Elisabeth could not have children, and both were already aged.

Zachariah and Elizabeth were from the kin of Aaron that is from the kin of the priest, and Zachariah was anointed to priesthood. The thing that both were holy, and they did not have children, presumes their special purpose for the Lord. Let us remember Sara, wife of Abraham, who gave birth to a child at will of the Lord, when Abraham was a hundred years old.

Once, when he in the order of his turn served before the God, on a lot, as it was usually done by the priests, had to enter the temple of the Lord for ordeal, and all the many people prayed outside in the time of the ordeal, - then the Angel of the Lord came to him, standing on the right side of the table of the censer oblation.

Two times a day, in the morning and in the evening, the priest having washed himself by water from a cup went into the Holy of the Temple to check the state of the lamp (Menorah). At this time he so that not to perish, had to put incense into the incensory and burn it before the curtain of the Holy of Holies. From the right side of «the table of censer oblation», where the Angel of the Lord had appeared, there was a lamp with seven icon-lamps that were primed with special, clear balm. The balm symbolizes the spirit of the righteous men that joining with the Holy Spirit becomes light and shows people the path to the God.
The entrance into the Holy was closed to common people on a penalty of death, and they prayed in the court yard.

And the angel told him: do not be afraid Zachariah since thy pray has been heard, and thy wife Elizabeth will give birth to a son for thee, and give him a name of John; and there will be to thee a pleasure and mirth, and many shall be happy about his birth, since he will be great before the Lord; he will not drink vine and liqueur, and shall be filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb of His mother yet and shall direct many of the sons of Israel to the Lord; and shall forego before Him in the spirit and power of Elias to return the hearts of fathers to children, and the way of thinking of the righteous men to the unruly ones so that to present the prepared people to the Lord.

As it had been before Abraham yet, the birth of a child from an infertile aged couple means that the baby has a special mission. And here the Angel of the Lord directly proclaims to Zachariah the great mission of John before the Lord: the return of the sons of Israel to the Lord, as people moved away from the God, the hearts of children hardened and people became proud and rebellious.

Those days, August the Caesar issued a command to make census all over the world. This census was first one during the rule of Kviriniy Sirieu.

If we remember the Pentateuch of Moses, the census (calculus) of the people of Israel was done on a direct command of the Lord and in a special way, because it destroyed the formed unified spiritual state of the people. King David, who did census of the people without the permission of the Lord, was punished. And in this case, at will of the Lord, the census is done to destroy the spiritual state of the peoples of the Roman Empire, including Jews too. This census serves the testimony of the coming of the new spiritual truth, and, destroying the old spiritual state, easies the acceptance and the understanding of the new one.
When Jesus went through the test in the wilderness

And Jesus returned in the power of the spirit to Galilee; and the fame was carried about him all over the neighboring country.

Jesus received the Revelation in wilderness about his purpose and properties necessary for its execution. The talks about these properties, first of all the possibilities of healing, and his knowledge attracted many people to him. The power came from him that cured the ill and the crippled.

And all the people seek to touch Him, because the power came from Him and cured everyone.

It was the Lord who grew and prepared Jesus for his spiritual mission. John's baptism was the culmination of his spiritual growth, the moment of recovery of sight. All the necessary powers and properties, at will of the Lord, were also developed gradually and showed to the full, when Jesus understood and accepted his purpose. For the first time he felt that he was not as everybody when he was twenty years old. The sins of the part of the antediluvian mankind were on him from birth, but they were related to the force of the Lord, and when he assumed everything upon himself, the power came over him. The principal purpose of it was to tie, curb the internal storms and passions, and using it for healing was only a side effect for attracting people.

But thee should like thy enemies, and cherish them, and give them loans, not expecting anything; also there will be a great award to thee, and thee shall be the sons of the Most High; since He blesses the ungrateful and evil too.

All the above mentioned acts characterize the man who has defeated his animal properties; that is why Jesus calls such a man the son of the Most High. Moreover, as Jesus was devoid of the animal basis from his birth, he calls himself the son of God on the full basis.

A disciple can not be higher than his teacher; but, even having improved, everyone will be as his teacher.

In addition, I am telling you that the teacher is then good when he teaches his disciples so that they exceed him, and he is pleased with that. If gardeners grew new fruit trees not better than the old ones had grown them, than there had not been no gardens on Earth a long time ago. And the same goes on the path to the Lord: the teacher should take the disciple through the path that he knows, and then, having prayed to the Lord about sending the help to the disciple and having blessed him, send him further. Since the main task of the teacher is to teach the disciple to hear the Lord and follow Him.

Since I am telling thee: there is no prophet of the ones born by wives more than John the Baptist; but the least in the Lord's Kingdom is more than he is.

Jesus says that John the Baptist completes the pleiad of prophets born by Judaism. However, in spite of the fact that John being from the Aron kin that is the priestly kin, opened the path to Jesus Christ by the ablution in Jordan, he nevertheless belonged to the past and could not rise on a new spiritual level opened by Jesus. The spiritual world of Judaism and the spiritual world of Christianity are two different separated levels.

Somebody from the people told Him: Teacher! Tell to the brother of mine so that h would divide the patrimony with me. But He said to that man: who put Me to judge or to divide thy belongings?

Jesus says that he came on Earth not for worldly affairs, but for spiritual ones. He will divide people, but according to their spiritual aspirations and the belief. On a broader scale the mission of Jesus was to show the path to the God to people, which they had lost. The main feature of the path to the Lord is that is the path of uniting of forces and properties, instead of separating them, as during the Expulsion.

I came to descend the fire on Earth, and how I would wish that it would already flare up! I should be baptized by epiphany; and how I languish when this happens! Do thee think that I came to give peace on Earth? No, I am telling thee, but separation;

Jesus came to change the consciousness of people, to present to the people the following step of Return at the new spiritual basis. And the Christian teaching was really spread on fire and destroyed major fundamentals of the society - the family and state ones.

And He told this parable: somebody had in his vineyard a growing fig-tree, and came to search a fruit on it, and he did not find one; and he said to the vinedresser: here, I come to search for a fruit on this fig-tree for a third year and I do not find one; cut it down: what for does it take the land? But he told him in an answer: mister! Leave it for this year as well, till I dig around it and put manure around it, maybe it will bring a fruit; if it does not, cut it down next year.

The Lord who created the mankind and divided it into peoples, is awaiting for spiritual fruits from people. The fig-tree in vineyard, in this case, is the pagan people. The three years are the three periods of spiritual history, when Judaism, Christianity and the teaching on the Return were granted to people. The "vinedresser" asks to leave the people once again, until the coming of the Messiah, and if this people does not change even than its fate during the Judgment Day will be sad.

Somebody said to Him: My God! Are there a few of those rescuing themselves? And He told them: strive to enter through a narrow gate, since, I am telling thee, many will seek to enter and will not be able to do it. When the master of the house rises and shuts the doors, then thee, standing outside, will begin to knock on the door and say: My God! My God! Open the door to us; but He will say to thee in an answer: I do not know thee, where are thee from? Then thee shall say: we ate and drank before Thee, and Thee taught in our streets. But He will say: I am telling thee: I do not know thee, where are thee from; step aside from Me all the doers of untruth.

There are two extreme lines of mankind development defining its future as a single whole: the line of natural selection transferred from the animal world and ruling among men and peoples, and the line of spiritual selection, spiritual ministering given by the Lord thousands years ago, yet. These two directions are opposite. The direction of the natural selection claims power as the principal value in all of its forms (physical, economic, military etc.), results in the spiritual and moral suppression of the man and breaks the spiritual ties between people, making each one an enemy of everyone, and the mankind of the God. The spiritual development consolidates people, forming a single whole from them, strengthens the tie to the God and His effect on the mankind. The development direction of the world mankind comes all the more closer to the first variant. There is a positive feedback between the mankind and its collective consciousness, therefore only the second version of the development meets the existence and the development of mankind.

The law and the prophets up to John; from this time the Lord's Kingdom is being spread, and people enter into it with an effort. But sooner the sky and the earth will come, than a tray from the law will disappear.

These words approve that the coming of Jesus marks by itself preparing to the opening of the new spiritual level separated from the level of Judaism, but the spiritual teaching, which is preached by Jesus, is the development of Judaism. Jesus names this level the Lord's Kingdom or the Heavenly Kingdom, and the effort is required to overcome the load of rules and dogmas thought of by people.

And being asked by Pharisees, when the Lord's Kingdom comes he responded to them: the Lord's Kingdom will not come in a visible way, and they will not say: here it is, or: there it is. Since, here, the Lord's Kingdom is inside thee.

From the saying of Jesus Christ, we may draw a conclusion that, in this case, he perceived the Lord's Kingdom as collective consciousness, spiritual as to its nature. If the majority of people live on the basis of the spiritual principles proclaimed in the Holy Scripture, the spiritual unity of mankind and its consciousness will become the unity with the God as well, and this more and more complete unity is, in fact, the purpose and the point of the existence of civilizations.

And as was during the days of Noah, so it will be during the days of the Human Son: they ate, drank, got married, before that day, as Noah went into the ark, and the Deluge came and killed everyone. It was the same during the days of Lot as well: they ate, drank, bought, sold, planted, built; but the day when Lot went from Sodom, fire and sulphuric rain came from the sky and exterminated everyone; and so it will be that day as well, when the Human Son will come. That day, the one who will be on top of the roof, and his things will in the house, do not descend to take them; and who will be in the field, do not return back as well. Remember the wife of Lot. He, who will be saving his soul, will ruin it; and he, who will ruining it, will revive it.

In this fragment, the Lord's Kingdom is thought as the spiritual world that will appear after the Judgment Day. Its approach will be sudden. As it shows in the Gospel this thought is false, because the Lord in the Pentateuch of Moses yet, established an order of Return of people to the original spiritual state. This state of closeness to the Lord, in which there was Adam, is reached by the development of the man’s spiritual powers. The Lord gives the Path and the Truth to the people, and the one who goes by this road receives the Life.

I am telling thee: that night there will be two on a bed: one will take it and the other will be leave it; two will grind together: one will take it, and the other will leave it; two will be on a field: one will take it, and the other will leave it.

As we saw in Judaism, under the words of Zachariah prophet, the Lord promises to save one third of the circumcised Jews. Christianity raises people to a higher spiritual level, therefore here, according to the words of Jesus Christ, in a case of the Judgment Day, the rescuing is promised to each second man of those who had been baptized. This conclusion could also be made from the fact that the breads on the offer table in the Holy are laid in two rolls, six breads each, and the icon-lamps of the lantern are placed symmetrically. Nevertheless, even the very appearance and propagation of Christianity will for a certain time have a beneficial effect on all the other peoples.

I am telling thee: that night there will be two on a bed: one will take it, and the other will leave it; two will grind together: one will take it, and the other will leave it; the two will be in the field: one will take it, and the other will leave it. He was told in response to this: where, My God? And He told them: where the dead body is, the eagles will be there too.

Contrary to Judaism, where the saving is promised to each third man, in Christianity the saving is promised to each second man.

As the man has the period of childhood, discipleship and then he becomes an adult, assuming all the rights and duties, the same goes with each civilization that passes the period of understanding and education. In the historical retrospect, this period is very short. If we consider that the preliminary education of the man ends with his full age, than the full age of the world civilization, we may call the completion of the Return cycle. The saving for mankind is the Return to the state of the original spiritual closeness to the God. The part of mankind that will accept and realize its spiritual purpose and reach the initial closeness to the God, which the man had at the moment of Creation, will go further to fulfill what was initially intended to Adam. The other part of mankind will lose its spiritual essence and will forever be deprived of the connection with the Creator. And if now the Lord defends the mankind from external forces, than this protection will be lifted, and the rest of the mankind will become an easy catch.

They brought babies for Him to touch them; and the disciples seeing that prohibited it to them. But Jesus, having called them said: let children come to me and do not prohibit it to them, since theirs is the Lord's Kingdom. Truly, I am telling thee: who does not accept the Lord's Kingdom, as a baby, will not enter into it.

Here Jesus says that spiritual development is impossible without restructuring the consciousness. The man should break in his soul all the aged views on the world and the aged standards of the relations between people to such an extend that he should become as a child. All the scale of values in human life varies critically. Each step of spiritual development: Judaism, Christianity, Return, …, demands breaking of the previous views and understanding of the new ones. Moreover, this spiritual understanding covers the more and more broad sphere, both from the external relations of the man, and his internal life. Judaism calls to subordinate deeds and words to fairness and mercy. Christianity tries to spread the spiritual sphere as well for thoughts and senses.

When they listened to it, He added a parable: since He was close to Jerusalem, and they thought that Lord's Kingdom should soon open.

The disciples of Jesus, despite of everything that he told them, continued believing in secret that the Lord's Kingdom will come true on Earth, and Jesus will become the King.

And when He came near to the slope of the Eleon mount, all the many of the disciples began to glorify the God in happiness for all the miracles that they saw, saying: blessed is the King, coming in the name of the Lord! Peace in heavens and glory in the skies!

Jesus goes to death, and the disciples, in expectation of the God's Kingdom and glory, bless Jesus in happiness.

And that the dead will be resurrected, Moses showed at the bush too, when he called the Lord the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of James. But the God not is the God of the dead, but of living ones, since all are living with him.

First of all, it was not Moses but the Lord, called himself the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of James, designating by this the three first stages of the Return. Second of all, these three spiritual stages will be a continuous development of the teaching given by the Lord to the people of Israel. Between them there will be the same spiritual relationship, as the physical one between Abraham, Isaac and James. Moreover, Abraham, Isaac and James will become the prototypes of people, through whom the Lord will continuously open the truth to the mankind.

And when the hour came, He reclined, and the twelve Apostles reclined with Him, and He told them: I wished very much to eat this Easter cake with thee before My suffering, since I am telling thee that I am not going to eat it any more, till it does not happen in the Lord's Kingdom. And, having taken a cup and thanking, said: take it and share it between thyself, since I am telling thee that I shall not drink from a grape fruit till the Lord's Kingdom comes. And, having taken bread and having thanked them, He broke it and gave it to them, saying: this is the body of Mine, which is given for Thee; do this remembering Me. And He did the same with the cup after the vespers, saying: this cup is the New Testament in My blood, which is spilled for thee. And here is the hand of the one betraying Me with Me at the table; however, the Human Son is going according to His purpose, but trouble to the man, by whom he is betrayed.

The connection of the teaching of Jesus Christ with the symbolical contents of the Holy Tabernacle of the congregation shows most fully on the «secret evensong» that is at Passover celebration. The breaking of bread and the cup of vine anticipated the voluntary human victim, and substituted by that animal victims since then. The return to animal victims in Judaism was as impossible then, as it was impossible to return to paganism after the death of Nadab and Abihu.

And he told them: when I sent thee without a sac and without a pouch and without footwear, did thee have a need in anything? They responded: not in anything. Then he told them: but now, who has a sac, take it, and a pouch as well; and who has non, sell thy clothes and buy a sward; since I am telling thee what should be executed on Me and by this written: and added to villains. Since what is about Me comes to an end. They said: My God! Here are two swards. He said to them: enough.

All the ministering of Jesus Christ under the canonical Gospels is subject to literal following to the prophets, and it is only in the apocryphal Holy Scriptures that all the richness of the insight about the God and the world opens. And the same is in this case, the two swards are necessary to Jesus not to protect his life, but to fill the contents of the prophesy with sense.

And it was about six o'clock in the afternoon, and it became dark all over the earth till nine o'clock: and the sun became dark, and the veil in the temple was torn apart in the middle.

The source of the new spiritual teaching went out, and there was darkness on Earth for some time, the disciples scattered and wandered around. However, the purpose, for which Jesus was sent, was reached: the veil of the Temple "was torn apart" and opened access to people to the Holy.

And He said to them: here is what I have been telling thee, while I was still with thee, it is that everything written about me in the law of Moses and in the prophets and in psalms shall be fulfilled. Then He opened their mind to them for understanding of the Holy Scriptures.


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