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The tent of Meeting



Tent of the Testimony items: sizes and individual meaning of each item

In order to find out the sizes of various construction and items mentioned in the Holy Script in first line construction and altar sizes in Tent of the Testimony and Ark of Noah we may assume that the proper sizes are not of great value for us while the relations between those items are beyond their sizes.
The Ark of the Testimony (the Tabernacle) in the Tent of Meeting may be used as the key element in evaluation of these relations. The Ark had the shape of a gilded case to keep the stone tablets of the Testimony. The case was covered with a lid with two Cherubim on top of it making an integral part of the cover. The Lord appeared to Moses in the space between the cherubim. Provided the people lived on earth the height of the Ark will relatively characterize the necessary level for spiritual development of man, i.e. the close relation to the Lord to get access to Eden.
We may note that all the constructions and items in the Tent of Testimony were put in such a way that the longest part of it was directed from the east to the west. If we relate it with the fact that the progress from the Banishment to the Return had to be directed from the East to the West the longest part of the Tent of Testimony was interconnected with this progress. The Ark of the Testimony is the exclusion of this rule, it was positioned in the Most Holy Place from the north to the south. The size of a construction or an item set from the east to the west characterized the spiritual progress: fall or rise. In a similar way the size of a construction or an item set from the north to the south characterized the relations between people, i.e. collective intelligence. If we mark the length, width and height by letters l, s, h we will get the following correlations h/l and h/s.
G=h/l characterizes the relative position of man to the Lord. It's the influence of the Lord upon spiritual progress (or upon life as a whole).
H=s/1 characterizes the human factor of development, the influence of the collective intelligence.
The value of the above noted coefficients for various items in the Tent of Testimony and Ark of Noah is as follows:

Ark of the Testimony G=1, H=5/3.

Tabernacle: the Most Holy Place G= 1/4, H=1.

Tabernacle: the Holy Place G=1/10, H=2/5.

Ark of Noah G=1/10, H=1/6.

The courtyard G=1/20, H=1/2.

The analysis of the above mentioned coefficients shows that each spiritual disaster reduces the link of the Lord to man. The most serious impact upon mankind was made by the banishment of Adam: the link of mankind to the Lord reduced in four times. As we examine the G and H coefficients for Ark of the Testimony we may see that the main goal is the independent development. It may be noted that G coefficient for the Ark of Noah coincides with the value for the Holy Place, i.e. for Christianity. This coincidence proves one more time that the destination of Christianity is to open a new spiritual level for people, the level of mankind living before the flood.
On the other hand we may note that the Banishment had a very negative effect upon the development of collective intelligence of mankind.
As Abram met Melchizedek he gave him the tenth part of everything he had captured as Melchizedek was the priest of God Most High. It corresponds to the rate of the Lord's influence (one tenth) upon the development for Christianity.

We may examine similar parameters for altars and their meaning.

The altar for incense G=2, H=1. The ratio: - 2.

The table for bread offering G=3/4, H=1/2. 3/2.

The altar for burnt offering G=3/5, H=1. 3/5.

The analysis of the above noted rates shows: first, the closer the position of the altar to the Ark of the Testimony, the higher the level of the Lord's provisions for spiritual and purification act of offering. The altar of burnt offering is located in the courtyard of the Tent (the area of Judaism), it's characterized by the rate three times less than the altar of incense, which is located at the curtain hiding the Most Holy Place.

Below we examine the coefficients of the events that had their impact upon the further development of mankind. They will be positioned according to order of the Return way of man to the Lord.

The events and their impact: God man the ratio

Babel - 1/20; - ? - 1/10
Flood - 1/10; - 2/5 - 1/4
Sin of Cain - ?; - 1.0 - 1/4
Sin of Adam - 1; - 5/3 - 3/5

The ratio of the coefficients proves the existence of a free choice. The Lord gave man freedom to choose and this freedom was given to any individual person as well as to the collective intelligence as a whole.

The Tent of Meeting

1. The Ark of the Testimony 2. Table for bread offering
3. Lampstand (Menohra) 4. Altar of insense
5. Altar for burnt offering 6. Basin for washing
7. Curtain of the Most Holy Place 8. Curtain for Holy Place
9. Curtain of the courtyard 10.Sanctuary
11.Fence of the courtyard


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